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  1. i'm having this issue

    can you help me

  2. Hello , I have a problem when I want to change the avatar , I have ips , and I can't change the avatar.
  3. Hello , I have a strange problem in profiles. There are 2 avatars , one large (150x300) and another one smaller (54x54 i think). How to remove the second avatar?
  4. Still , not working , if it is 150x300 , dosen't work.
  5. How to reposition those 2 buttons ? Following and message buttons.
  6. Dunno why , but any photo with 150x300 , dosen't work , only higher or lower. I tried at my profile and his profile ,. and same problem if it is 150x300.
  7. I have a problem , when someone upload an avatar , that avatar it's zoomed , can you take a look? If you click the avatar it will show the avatar in original size , and at profile it is zoomed.
  8. Hello , I can't find where to edit these : This is Animate skin and dunno where to find the photo size , I want to be 150x300 . And this one is Carbon skin , I have same problem as Animate skin. And also , on Carbon skin , I can't find how to move a little bit , the profile photo:
  9. Oh , and there is no way to do this? Or to make from sidebar and maincontent a single block?
  10. Thanks , and I have another question , how to make that stats , on the center of the page , without a border. Like this one : To be on the center of the page without being a block. (sorry for my english)