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  1. Remove time from join date

    @Luca Munich Is it possible to make it like 29/12/15? instead of December 29, 2015?
  2. Video in profile fields

  3. Profile background and border on posts

    Did you figure this out?
  4. Registered IP problem [IPS 4.1.15]

    Goto AdminCP > System > Security > Security Settings and check Trust IP addresses provided by proxies?
  5. Video in profile fields

    I don't use skype is there a way just to PM me on how to do it?
  6. Video in profile fields

    Hey guys.I was just wondering on how you can have a video in your profile fields and also have it automatically play. I have found a website that has done this but i can't find how to do this anywhere.These are just a few images showing what i am on about.Thanks.
  7. Custom Userpane template

    Hey guys, Firstly i would like to say i know there is a lot of these questions like this already answered but they are all outdated with broken images. So what i am looking for is to be able to get your profile fields to display in the userpane in a box of some sort with images next to them. This is what i have got so far. This is what i want it to look like. It would be great if someone could give me a hand with this. Thanks!