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  1. PayPal Chargeback @RehGuedes | devlong | IV?️ @Briathos @RuPauls Name Renato Guedes da Silva Address R. Dep. Clodemir Leite, 72 Loteamento Boa Vista Santa Rita - PB 58304500 Brazil Phone TBD Email [email protected] [email protected] Website https://ragnaway.com IP Address Discord [Dev] Marcos#1225 (ID: 679268172058198018) Haikenz#4006 Ban Reason User was banned 5/9/2019 for abusive behavior toward the community and Staff. He subsequently created multiple accounts, barraged us with insults on Discord, and then slithered back into the community a few months ago with the use of VPN networks, to purchase our Release Notes and Bug Tracker. He created this thread asking for support when paid products are only guaranteed support via our Support page. As you can see in the thread, he's not very intelligent. He's pissed off that he can't add a widget to the sidebar while using a single-column page and is confused as to why his widget background is a different color when he's using a different theme. Fraudulent user, issuing fraudulent claims.
  2. We don't provide support for WebFlake custom designs! - Invision Support - WebFlake
  3. This should help: Upgrading IPS Correctly - Invision Tutorials - WebFlake
  4. You may want to check with your host to determine if there is a default setting overriding any PHP adjustments you make.
  5. If you're using any form of additional layering protection, such as CloudFlare, you may need to temporarily disable some of those protections.
  6. Nothing about what you are posting makes any sense. Your thread title makes no sense. Your original post makes no sense. The image has no context. Your latest response is vague. You have one more opportunity to clearly articulate what your issue is or this thread will be disposed of.
  7. To answer the thread title, "how long is long enough?", we do not quantify access on the basis of tenure. In other words, being a member for more than two years and having just four posts in that span of time does not entitle you to anything beyond the basic access that everyone else has. Contribute and you'll eventually rank up and unlock additional access to the site. Bear in mind however, as James shared above, that spamming a bunch of bullshit responses is just going to get you banned.
  8. We know that this Christmas will be different so we're sending you some extra love this year. From everyone here at WebFlake, wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Obligatory note that support/file approvals may be a bit slow over the next few days but rest assured we'll work through any backlogs as soon as we're all back. If you do travel, please be safe. Mask up.
  9. In the interest of transparency and an attempt to keep all of this internalized drama in one thread, I thought I'd share with you all an exchange between Manuela (aka Lady C) and I via email today. Lady C claims I have not been truthful with you all regarding her dismissal from the team and her point of contention is that she was, in fact, active. As you can see by her profile, @Lady C, she made 15 posts this year and as I noted in my email, 8 of them were auto-generated "this topic is resolved" comments. 92 total moderator actions, of which 47 were file approvals that averaged out to 4 per month or 1 per week. Here are her mod logs: By comparison, here's a screenshot of mine. One page displays 25 results. There's 97 pages. I'll let you do the math. As for the email exchange, you're welcome to read over it: I've blurred out part of her name, her email address, and her IP addresses in any of these images.
  10. Man, I'd be over the moon to see you here more often. There's always a place on the team for you, should you ever find that time again.
  11. This should work on 4.5.x as well. If not, you can purchase a copy here: WebFlake Release Notes - WebFlake Store
  12. DISCORD: Added new command: !support Primarily for mod use but available to all users. Intended to be used to remind someone that support is not provided via Discord. The bot will also post relevant links to support forums. This is not an encouragement to mini-mod other users. Be respectful and use it when someone is lost. DISCORD: Being that our Discord server is a community server, our bot has been configured to delete messages with offensive or profane content and also issue a warning, otherwise known as an infraction. Infractions are counted over the span of 180 days, effectively creating a new cycle. Infractions remain but you would need to incur X number of infractions in the span of 6 months to trigger an automated account penalty. 2 infractions will incur a temporary mute for 24 hours. 3 infractions will incur a temporary ban for 3 days. 4 infractions will incur a permanent ban. Consider your first infraction a warning. Infractions can still be issued manually by Staff at their discretion. Added Staff activity feed to index sidebar. Added Discord widget to index sidebar. 2020 has been a rough year. Spread a little love with our new love reaction. "Love" is really just a recolored variant of the old "Like" reaction. "Like" is now a thumbs-up icon, using the original color. View full release
  13. All four trackers are functional with the latest version of Invision. My apologies for not being clear about that in the client area. I've corrected the phrasing to avoid further confusion. Thanks.
  14. The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  15. This would be better suited in our Marketplace. Marketplace (Hire, Buy, Sell, Trade) - WebFlake Be certain to follow the Marketplace Guidelines that are pinned at the top of the forum. Archiving this thread.
  16. DISCORD: Guess who's back, back again. Discord's back, tell a friend. As before, you'll need to link your Discord account to your WebFlake account to gain access to all channels. See the #verify channel for a tutorial to link your accounts. Summary: head to Account Settings, select Discord on the left, then click the big blue Login with Discord button. Follow the prompts. There's been a slight overhaul of our new Discord server New category separators. New channel icons. #news-updates and #giveaways are followable channels. #welcome contains server information and rules. #showcase has been added for anyone to show off their projects. Our Discord server is now a community server. NSFW content is strictly prohibited. There is no support channel. Support will only be provided here on the forums. More updates to follow. In addition to our Community Guidelines, we have a few rules established on Discord: Keep it civil. No personal attacks, hate speech, or otherwise offensive language. Content generally accepted as NSFW (with extent of language up to Moderator discretion) and anything remotely like it is not allowed in any capacity. A clear intent to post such may result in an immediate ban without warning. Don't promote or advertise anything without prior moderator approval. In addition, solicitation, buying, trading or selling of goods and services is not permitted. Don't spam. This includes, but is not limited to: unnecessarily tagging any user or group, sending excessive amounts of messages or emoji at once or constant use of capital letters. Support is not provided anywhere on this server. If you have a question, need assistance, or want to hire someone for your project, you need to use the appropriate forums on the website. If a moderator asks you to stop something, you should stop. Just because something isn't explicitly outlined in the rules doesn't mean Moderators aren't going to use their own discretion. Please note that the above list of rules is not comprehensive. Staff reserves the right to remove content or ban users as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the server or to the experience of others. Any content that lowers the server's user experience can and will be removed. Ignorance of these rules does not excuse breaking them, nor does responding to someone that breaks them by doing so yourself. Use common sense. Chatbox will remain available for those not interested in using our Discord server. New Christmas theme added. Snowfall, snow piles, and a few other Christmas-y effects have been added. Christmas rank icons have returneed. Santa is saying "hello" from the sidebar! Retired Staff is now a primary role again. New color, new rank icon. Don't worry, they still gain access to our donator tiers as a parting gift! Added a Retired Staff list to our Staff page: https://webflake.sx/staff/ Old feature but worth mentioning: you can review all recent Staff activity on the following discovery page (located under the Activity tab): Staff Responses - WebFlake Updated some aesthetics to the Application page. We are accepting applications for Junior Moderators, Experts, and Contributors! Files tab on user profiles has been disabled. It's just redundant. Moods application has been disabled. If there is enough demand in the future, it may return. View full release
  17. I'll just drop this here: WebFlake (discord.gg)
  18. Save the JS to a file. Name it whatever you like. Upload it to your forum root or a folder of your choosing. Then insert the following code between the <head> tags in the globalTemplate for your theme. <script type="text/javascript" src="path-to-javascript-file.js"></script>
  19. ExpressVPN is generally the recommended go-to for bitcoin. High-Speed, Secure & Anonymous VPN Service | ExpressVPN
  20. 2020 has been a doozy. A global pandemic. Wildfires in Australia and the West Coast of the States. Tragedy in Beirut. Weird invasive "murder hornets". Deaths of beloved athletes and the downfall of corruption in Hollywood. Trump and Biden. Hurricanes. Tsunamis. Honk Kong. BLM. The death of WebFlake. Or, that's what the yearly stigma seems to be these days. In the interest of readability, I'm going to briefly cover a few key talking points. Is WebFlake closing? Short answer: not likely. Yes, it's true, the site has essentially become a ghost town. As I've been saying for the last two years though, this market as a whole has seen an enormous decline in both interest and activity. This is due, in part, to forum software taking a backseat to the (justifiably) ultra-popular Discord and the ever-growing number of obstacles before us. But, in spite of those things, WebFlake isn't going anywhere. At least not yet. Phun and I have discussed, at length, the desire to keep this community active for the sake of its wealth of information. If we were ever to decide to shut down, we would notify everyone well in advance. Why was the WebFlake Discord closed? Short answer: privacy concerns. Back in August, we received notification that a certain entity was pursuing legal options with Discord. They've tried, fruitlessly, for nearly a decade to remove our site but Discord was a vulnerable middleman service. While we didn't host any content on the Discord server, Discord's TOS contains a clause that prohibits the use of their service in such a way that would "violate the contractual, personal, intellectual property or other rights of any party" by way of "making available any information" that "infringes any copyright, trademark...". In a kneejerk reaction, I closed the server. There was a shitstorm brewing with the amount of revealing information available and to protect myself, the team, and this community, I chose to delete it. Rather than leave it up to chance, I chose privacy over some chat messages. Ultimately, this created a rift between a handful of the remaining members on the WebFlake team because I was dubbed "paranoid" and it led to a purge. Will we ever return to Discord? That remains to be seen. We're back! Join here -> WebFlake (discord.gg) Where did the "team" go? Short answer: they gave up on WebFlake and ran off to do a bootleg version. To be clear, @James's resignation is unrelated and he's welcome back at any time. @Jrock is a mainstay with our team. @洛根 (๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡Logan) is an unfortunate bystander who I've mistakenly left in the dark. To summarize everyone else's circumstances: I asked @Cookie Monster to resign due to his commitments elsewhere. It was a largely mutual agreement. I still have a ton of respect for Cookie, even if that feeling isn't reciprocal. @Jeffrey was a guy who provided a reasonable amount of support and someone I had grown to trust but it became clear, over time, that his interest was in climbing the ladder than doing anything with that newfound access. Jeffrey was staunchly against my choice to close Discord and frequently had tantrums in private messages until he ultimately resigned. He now spends his time copy/pasting WebFlake and making punitive comments about myself and Phun in his Discord server. @Lady C is a longtime member that spent more time away from the site than the rest of the team and each time I inquired, I was met with another "I'll be back soon". Lady C was removed from the team once Jeffrey resigned. I've been down this road before when people get angry and leave the team. They always run off to attempt to emulate WebFlake. Lady C would know because she did this before, with Erza. @Triqqy was removed earlier today. Given Jeffrey's intentions and the fact that Triqqy was a founding member in this new knockoff, it was in the best interest of this community to remove him. I wrestled with the idea of being public with any of the team drama but I'm also acutely aware of how certain individuals are attempting to set the narrative. Jeffrey, Lady C, and Triqqy are no longer welcome in this community because they put themselves above everyone else, including all of you. Where have you, Tony, been? Short answer: I've been here, just not noticeable. Despite all of the chaos in 2020, my profession fortunately wasn't greatly affected. My schedule has been overloaded and I needed some time to recharge. The site has been in capable hands with Logan, who has done an admirable job of staying on task when he had no reason to. I've continued to handle various messages, emails, tickets, and so forth as necessary but I didn't make my presence known as often as I could have. Where do we go from here? Short answer: wherever we want to. Our primary focus should be on supporting the site as it is right now, which means additions to the team and recruiting new Experts and Contributors. Feel free to submit your applications via our applications page, here: https://webflake.sx/apply I welcome discussion below. No bullshit. Let's talk.
  21. Yes, in theory. No, in practicality. Better off using a fully-nulled installation or retail only.
  22. The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  23. The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  24. Discord doesn't offer this functionality. In theory, using the Discord API, you could create your own bot but there is no commercial application/plugin for this for privacy reasons.
  25. The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
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