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  1. This is not possible with the Discord API. It never has been and they've made it quite clear that it never will be due to security.
  2. Predominantly because we're not a XenForo community. It hasn't been a popular platform on WebFlake for many years. I've stubbornly kept it around because I quite like XenForo. Beyond that and Invision, we don't officially support anything else and just maintain an archive.
  3. Tony

    Postbit Icons

    If it's not part of your theme by default, you're not going to get assistance with it here because it's derivative of our design. See the pinned thread: We don't provide support for WebFlake custom designs!
  4. The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  5. First line tells you what your issue is: you're missing files.
  6. You're looking for... .cNexusCategoryBlock > a:before and .cNexusCategoryBlock .ipsType_sectionHead. Just search for them in your theme's CSS.
  7. Yes, edit conf_global.php in your forum root. Specifically the sql_database value.
  8. Try increasing upload_max_filesize and post_max_size in your PHP configuration.
  9. Tony


    Archiving this thread. WebFlake is an English-speaking community. The onus to use a translator is on the author, not the reader.
  10. PayPal Chargeback @Haise Name Damien Buquet Address 16 rue de peta 66780 Paris France Phone TBD Email [email protected] [email protected] Website http://xfcheat.com https://ultim-telechargement.com/ IP Address Discord NA Ban Reason User was automatically banned by our system when logging into a secondary account. Created an additional account to message me directly and upon further review, was able to determine that this was also a user banned last year for attempting to sell their WebFlake account on another site. Shortly after denying the ban appeal, I received threats of a DDOS which they did follow through with but ultimately failed because, you know, DOS booters on GitHub don't have a high success rate.
  11. There's a couple of things happening here. Your first error seems to indicate missing files but without a backtrace, I can't be certain. Your second error, depicted in the image, is likely a hosting issue.
  12. Is your site encrypted? Most live stream apps require SSL encryption to function properly, largely because platforms like Twitch require it too.
  13. This isn't possible without a likely-extensive core edit to allow customizable values per reaction. You're better off paying someone to purchase Advanced Reaction Settings which allows you to do just that. (MIX) Advanced Reaction Settings - Staff Extensions - Invision Community
  14. Tony

    on topic

    This is an English-speaking community. When you are ready to ask your question in English, you may create a new topic.
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