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  1. Best tracker solution

    Pages works just fine as a bug tracker utility. It has its quirks but if you'r savvy with HTML / CSS you can customize the database to your liking. WebFlake is using a derivative of what IPS has and we fully intend to expand upon it. There haven't been any bug tracking applications released for IPS4 yet so your only other alternative would be third-party software / websites. The WF team used http://teamwork.com for most handling our IPS4 upgrade and it offered enough tools and features to prove worthwhile.
  2. Is nulled ipb content safe?

    ​Strange given the fact that WebFlake is using the exact same nulled copy (assuming you're using my 4.0.7 release).
  3. On June 13th, WebFlake will be taken offline to upgrade our hosting environment, which is primarily our resources and new server. WebFlake will be much faster, much more responsive, and should offer better uptime at more affordable rates. We're excited for the big move as it will accommodate the demand of IPS4 and our ever growing database.
  4. WebFlake Maintenance

    ​That might be the case but we don't want to advertise our host and invite additional DDOS attacks from butt-hurt banned users with an inferiority complex. Or is that too much to ask? Thought I should run that by you since you seem the be the authority on what's acceptable information to share.
  5. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we've updated our tracker system to better accommodate what we're trying to do with it; namely showing a status definition block which isn't category specific by default as well as showing a record index instead of categories. We did lose several suggestions when we opened the new database for them so if you don't see yours listed (we manually recreated those we were reviewing), please relist them. Comments were lost on submissions that were recreated. Functionality is still the same, the only difference now being that you'll need to select the desired category from the Trackers drop-down.
  6. Bann Hammer

    Version 1.2.1


    This sends returning banned members to url of your choosing. NOTE: Updated version is 1.2.3, which we do not yet have.
  7. Back to Top

    Version 1.0.2


    This plugin allows users to smoothly scroll back to the top of the page.
  8. Latest Registered Members

    Version 1.0.0


    This plugin (widget) will display a block with the latest registered members on your board. Widget settings: Format user links according to the group colorNumber of users to showChoose which user groups will be able to view the block.
  9. Sidebar Poll

    Version 2.1.2


    Adds the poll contents from a topic into your forums sidebar. Includes permissions for who can view the sidebar poll.
  10. Easy Menu

    Version 1.0.0


    Easy Menu Easy Menu is a IPS4 plugin which let you modify main navigation easily. it supports external links as well as internal links. Features Extremely simple to use.Support external linksAuto application linkSubmenu supportPermission optionFork on Github
  11. By default, IPS4 only formats usergroup names / titles in a small number of sections on the site. By addon or by customization, WebFlake will be formatting its usergroup names and member titles.. site-wide.
  12. IPB 4 Shoutbox

    As with any other block, by using the Manage Blocks tab and placing the widget wherever you prefer it to be.
  13. Chatbox help

    I don't believe that Chatbox supports reverse-chronological order of messages. That is a feature typically found in Shoutbox, which is still in Beta.
  14. IPB 4 Shoutbox