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  1. That snippet of code I gave you was just to show you how to check whether a user is logged and to reference their user group ID. You can't just toss code into other code and hope it works. You didn't close out the if statement nor are you telling the parser what to do if the expression returns false for either check. I can see that your code is some sort of file name randomizer but the code you're trying to use won't work with that random_name function because it doesn't fit the context. I expected you'd have some idea of basic PHP but it appears you don't so without more details, I can't really help you.
  2. This should work. {{if member.member_id AND member.inGroup('X')}} Change the X to the correct group number.
  3. It's that time again, folks. With the release of IPS Community Suite 4.4, WebFlake begins its countdown for sunsetting IPS 4.2 by archiving all 4.2 content and dropping support for it. We strongly encourage you to upgrade your community to 4.3 or later not only for increased security and better stability but to ensure you'll be able to continue receiving support for your installation here on WebFlake. On March 15th, 2019 all active IPS 4.2 support topics will be archived and the IPS 4.2 prefix will be removed from our IPS Support forum. We will, of course, continue providing support for IPS 4.3 for the foreseeable future. Will I still be able to download 4.2 files? Yes. We will only be moving the IPS 4.2 category beneath our Legacy Software category. Can I still get support for my 4.2 installation after March 15th? At the moment, no. We are considering opening a new peer-to-peer support sub-forum for legacy versions of IPS (similar to 3.4.x) but we don't have an ETA for that. What happens if I want to upgrade to 4.3 or later after March 15th? Any effort to upgrade to a newer version of IPS will still be supported here. You'll just need to use the prefix for 4.3 or 4.4, depending upon the version you're upgrading to. What if I don't want to upgrade to IPS 4.3 or later? That's unfortunate but given the tremendous number of changes with the newer versions of IPS, we cannot possibly provide adequate support for legacy software. We're not going to assist you with fixing bugs that have been fixed in later versions or customize your website for you because you're clinging to an application or plugin that is no longer supported.
  4. The Beta versions are just that, Beta. You would want the other version that doesn't say Beta. I've gone ahead and removed the Beta versions anyway so there's no further confusion.
  5. Man, this question has been asked and answered thousands of times. Use the search function. Topic locked.
  6. Saying "I'm unable to download anything" without any sort of time context like "now" or "anymore" implies you weren't able to download at all. Problem isn't with my interpretation, it's with your choice of words. Furthermore, this question gets asked a lot. There are three topics asking this very question on the first page of this forum. Searching is helpful.
  7. No, you are able to download files because you already have but you are unable to continue downloading because you've reached your limit for the day. Don't intentionally mislead us with by saying you can't download at all when you know you already have.
  8. TBT: My name is Davlin, and I'm a stud. I am a charismatic beast of epic proportions. I'm a hurricane of awesomeness. I'm the Rick James of the five finger slap. I'm the Chuck Norris of round-house kicks. I'm the chicken strips in your Kid's Meal.

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  9. Version 1.0.8


    This plugin allows users to easily create topics about movies and actors and fill them with content automatically. Requires a free TMDb API key which can be obtained HERE. Features Users can add movies, series, anime and actors to topics. After attaching the content, which can be done easily using a search with auto complete, the thread will show various information about the chosen content above the post. The topic will show the movie poster, cast, trailer, tagline, link to IMDb, rating and much more. Discussed movies and actors can be shown in adjustable widgets which allow random, recently posted, most discussed and much more... Posting content can be restricted to certain forums. Movie boards can show movie content with the posters above the topic list. Access rights to edit and post content. How to Install Go to ACP > applications and upload the downloaded tar file. After installation a free TMDb API key has to be added in the settings. The API key can be obtained here. Demo noexcept.de video Compatible with other ThreadStarter plugins Other plugins This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.

  10. Version 1.0.8


    This plugin allows users to easily create topics about steam games and fill them with content automatically. Features Users can add steam games to topics. After attaching a game, which can be done easily using a search with auto complete, the thread will show various information about it above the post. The topic will display logo, screenshots, description text and various other information about the game. Discussed steam games can be shown in adjustable widgets which allow random, recently posted, most discussed and much more... Posting games can be restricted to certain forums. Game forums can show steam content with the game logo above the topic list. Access rights to edit and post games. Only works for games on steam. For all other games check out ThreadStarter: Games How to Install Go to ACP > applications and upload the downloaded tar file After installation the plugin will pull a full list of steam games in the background which will be updated once per day. This games can be attached to topics as shown in the screenshots. Demo noexcept.de video Compatible with other ThreadStarter plugins Other plugins This plugin is in not affiliated with or endorsed by Steam or Valve Software.

  11. While the link and the information provided within the said link is accurate, your assumption that this tutorial violates Discord's TOS is not. A self-bot does not require the use of an OAuth token whereas this tutorial uses a traditional bot and its subsequent token, both of which are acceptable within the scope of the aforementioned TOS.
  12. I don't really care what your opinion is. I'm only interested in the market statistics and those statistics say that WordPress is overwhelmingly more popular, as evidenced by the enormous disparity in downloads for WordPress and Joomla on our site. Our community clearly isn't interested in Joomla and nothing you say will change that. Down-vote me again. I don't care about that either. However, this topic is locked.
  13. Version 1.1.0


    Are you looking for a way to generate and use custom language strings? Custom Language Strings by @Fosters adds a new dimension of custom words, terms, phrases, and sentences to your language pack! You can use these custom language strings in templates, emails, themes, and blocks! Open up new worlds of language and describe your community in ways you were never able to before.

  14. As has been said, there could be any number of reasons why the file was removed and we are not obligated to disclose that information. Furthermore, I told you several weeks ago that I didn't approve of Joomla submissions cluttering up our database given it's a shit CMS with less than 6% of the market share among Content Management Systems. Not a single one of your recent Joomla submissions have reached double-digit downloads. Virtually all of them have three downloads or less. Joomla. Is. Not. Popular. All Joomla content is likely to be removed from our database in the coming weeks as we start cleaning up our ThemeForest and CodeCanyon categories.
  15. Version 2.0.0


    Add an image to every IPS Pages database category for use in your templates! NOTE: V1 plugin users please see note near the bottom for installation instructions - short version is, do NOT uninstall the plugin! Any settings? Nope. Just install and go. When editing/creating a category in an IPS Pages database this application appends a new tab where you can upload an image. That's it. And how do I use this? Images are stored wherever you have set the Pages Category Images file handler set to store them and you can access the image anywhere the $category variable is available to you in Pages templates. $category->pcimage = The local URL to the stored image. You will rarely use this by itself as it will return "uploads/monthly_07/thisismyimagename_34erjfhrufhdheh.jpg" or something along those lines. {file="$category->pcimage"} = The COMPLETE URL to the stored image. "https://myawesomesite.com/uploads/monthly_07/thisismyimagename_34erjfhrufhdheh.jpg". Just sticking this in a template will output that as a line of text. <img src='{file="$category->pcimage"}'> = The image will be displayed in your template at this location at full size. You get the idea. From here you can format the image with CSS, use it as a background element, and so on. Why am I using this again? Give every category its own image. Format it like an icon and stick it next to the category title in your templates. You could create a large section background for your categories using this image. And so on... Why $category->pcimage and not just $category->image? If IPS ever adds something like this to Pages database categories themselves I predict with 99.999% certainty they would use the word "image". I added the "pc" in front to hedge against that potential future conflict. What happens if I disable this application? Everything will continue to work, you just won't be able to add an image to Pages database categories until you re-enable it. You are just disabling the category edit/create category image tab when you disable this; that's all. And if I uninstall this? All of your uploaded images will be deleted of course. Consider that you will be editing your Pages templates to add calls to these images too. You'll need to edit your templates to remove those calls after you uninstall this. Did this use to be a plugin? Yep. Now its an application with a proper file handler. I have the plugin now should I uninstall that or...? DO NOT UNINSTALL THE PLUGIN! You'll lose all of your files and have to re-upload them again. I've set up the install routine for the new application to handle it all for you. Install the app just like any other app and it will automatically take over the file handling from the piggybacked core_Attachments handler, remove the plugin uninstall routine that would normally delete your uploaded images, and then uninstalls the plugin for you. If for some reason you install the plugin again afterward you're on your own... Seriously, delete any copies of the plugin you have lying around. Only bad can come from those being used after you've installed the app.