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  1. Unfortunately, this sort of thing falls under our "no vulnerabilities" clause in our community guidelines. I'll be removing answers to this post and archiving it.
  2. Due to how absolutely horrid their designs are, we are no longer accepting templates designed by "TPPThemes". Quality of work is well below acceptable standards for 2017 and we simply do not want their designs festering in our database.
  3. From our FAQ: 1. What is this "You have exceeded the maximum amount of downloads allotted to you by the administrator for the day" error? WebFlake currently enforces a daily download cap, limiting various groups to a varying number of downloads per day. Newbies, Members, and Advanced Members are capped at 4, 5, and 6, respectively. When donating at least $10 USD, you'll gain access to our Snow tier which unlocks a cap of 12 per day. For $25 USD or more, you'll gain access to our Frost tier and 20 downloads per day. Finally, for $50 USD or more, you'll gain access to our +Blizzard tier, unlocking 50 downloads per day. The only other usergroups not subject to this cap (aside from Staff) are Uploaders and Support Team.
  4. This may be what you're looking for: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7911-points-economy/ I'm fairly certain that we have a copy of it as well but if not, feel free to make a request in our IPS 4.1 Requests board.
  5. Are you referring to the Downloads + Commerce apps? Yes, IPS4 offers these.
  6. It sounds like you're asking about embedding another site's data into a custom page on your forum. If that's not it, then you need to be more specific instead of asking vague or non-descriptive questions.
  7. As your topic appears to be a support topic for IP.Board, we have moved it to the appropriate forum.
  8. Since you're installing XenForo fresh, you'll want the first link as it's the complete installation package. The "upgrade" (your second link) contains just the necessary files to upgrade an existing installation.
  9. While it may not be intended as such, this is a borderline scam service. Removing the watermark is going to get the application flagged on the market and since releasing an application requires personally identifiable details, anyone who uses your service to release an application is going to find themselves in hot water, awfully quick. They'd be paying you and be out that money when caught. This is not okay. Topic is archived.
  10. As Cookie pointed out, you're looking for a 4.2 version of this plugin and 4.2 is not something we're officially supporting yet as it's still in beta. I know the author released what he believes to be a compatibility update but it was done prematurely as there's no telling what IPS will change between now and release. Because of that, we've chosen not to provide support in any way (including file requests) for IPS 4.2 while it's still in beta. A lot of those support topics would go unanswered and most of the files will only need to be updated with the next beta patch. We're not making exceptions per file or topic either. It's too much of a hassle, sorry.
  11. The request(s) in this topic have been filled and the file has been provided. This topic is now closed. If you have other requests, please open a new topic.
  12. We don't provide support for replicating WebFlake's design.
  13. That's tough. There are literally thousands of these sort of sites and unless you can create something that truly sets you apart from the rest, you're not going to have much luck. Think of it like a lemonade stand. You can create a custom sign, position your stand in the most convenient location, and offer bargain prices, but unless your lemonade recipe is unique, you're not going to get many customers. Anyone can make lemonade, it's a matter of how tasty or desirable it is.