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  1. While all feedback is appreciated, this isn't the proper place for a suggestion to improve the site much less the proper forum for feedback. If you visited more than once every 30 days, you might know that. We are not adjusting the inactivity policy to 90 days — not a goddamn chance. That would require just four posts in the span of a year when you're currently only obligated to make 12 to ensure your account isn't marked inactive. And fuck you for that "every single day" remark. It's one day out of thirty (that's 30 if six letters is too big for you). If you can't handle 12 posts in a year, then perhaps WebFlake is not the site for you. Topic locked.
  2. It's just Twitter's standard timeline widget.
  3. Yes. Pages is available with our releases.
  4. Just a few things: This is not the proper method for requesting account deletion — there is a utility for that available in Account Settings. We do not delete content unless it is sensitive in nature or a violation of our Community Guidelines. Your account deletion request will only be denied anyway because you're simply making the request as a result of the warning(s) you received. Harassing our users by asking for content, especially exclusive content, is a dick move. Oblivion was used as a bonus to encourage additional donations to the site and your attempts to acquire (and likely redistribute) the theme without donating to our site isn't just a violation of our Community Guidelines, it makes you a real piece of shit. You should be thankful that you weren't banned outright. In summary, no, your account and content will not be removed. Topic locked.
  5. We're still accepting applications and will be actively reviewing them as they're submitted!
  6. That's a fair point, however, purchasing a file shouldn't exempt a user from any of our policies. Exceptions are made, of course, with donators but purchasing a file is not a donation. Your access to a purchased file isn't removed indefinitely — a single post will restore your previous permissions. A second post is only necessary to restore your previous group. We understand that this isn't the most popular format but it is what it is. We will explore our options for improving this in the future but given the current limitations of group promotions, I make no guarantees that the current format will change. Thank you for the feedback!
  7. You could try something like this (syntax might not be correct): <a contenteditable="false" data-ipshover="" data-ipshover-target="{member="link()"}/?do=hovercard" data-mentionid="{member="name"}" href="{member="link()"}">@{member="name"}</a> Is the screenshot taken from a site where this postcontainer mention works?
  8. Version


    This application will allow users from specific user groups to add notes to members, in order to have better control of the member's life in the community Adding Notes: Users from specific groups can add notes in two places: + Create menu Directly on user Profile, on a new tab called Notes, where notes can be edited or deleted, if you have permission to do it. Directly on member's posts Features: New tab called Member Notes on ModeratorCP -> Member Management to display notes from all members, where notes can be edited or deleted, if you have permission to do it. Number of notes on user's posts, linked to the tab in his profile. You can also add a note from the post. Number of notes on user's personal card (mini profile on hover user link) Widget to display the latest notes. Notification to all users who can view notes when someone gets a new note. Ability to send a private message to the member with the note content. Group permissions: Can view notes Can add notes Can edit notes Can delete notes Settings: Show the PM option on Member Notes form Notes: This version contains an upgrader, so you will get the notes from this hook for IP.Board 3.4. Due to the rework on this app (every new resource has to be done from the scratch to run on IPS4 and it was a hook on 3.4), a new purchase is required. Thank you for your understanding.

  9. Just realized I misread the part about the logo and I can tell you, without building your own menu, you're not going to be able to position it in the middle of the tabs. As for the transparency issue, I'm not see it.
  10. IPS 4.3 introduces a new member activity feature in a complete redesign of the member page in the ACP. It won't include things like topics visited but it will show each time they log in, the IP and browser used, etc.
  11. If you provide me with a site link, I'll have a look.
  12. What exactly is it that you are trying to achieve? If you're just trying to display a member's name, try using {member=name}.
  13. Sounds like a javascript/jquery issue. Not likely to be the software so it could be a browser and/or host issue. When viewing your activity feed, for example, can you open the dev console in Chrome and check for any errors reported by the console?
  14. Is the secondary password a popup or is the software looping and asking for another password? If it's the former, that could be an htaccess password. If it's the latter, there's a corrupted file or SQL table.