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  1. It would be at our discretion, yes. Our domain, our rules. Purchasing the space won't be an automated process. There's a lot of implied common sense that is left unsaid but that doesn't stop people from thinking it's a loophole. I don't know if you've noticed but WebFlake has always had a target on its back; that's the nature of this market. Did you think WebFlake chugs along entirely devoid of operating costs? Also, you're comparing Walmart to a local farmer's market. We're not Megaupload or KAT. WebFlake isn't distributing music, movies, TV content, etc. If IPS wanted this site gone, we'd have been shutdown long ago.
  2. Given that this thread is dated from several months ago and the author has not been active since then, I'm going to archive this thread. Furthermore, the author never bothered to specify a listing price for these licenses, which is a violation of our marketplace guidelines.
  3. It's not the thought of an animated GIF that we're concerned with, it's the probable headache of having to explain time and again why we accepted one animation but not the other. Frankly, we don't want bright neon lettering that is going to induce a seizure because of flickering/strobing imagery. Idea is that it would be a static image, yes. This may change though. We're not certain on an amount. We would like to get an idea for the general consensus. We don't want to overcharge but we certainly don't want to shortchange ourselves either. Statistics likely won't be a possibility, no. We're reviewing options for analytics but for the time being, it will likely be a simplistic ad space.
  4. We're currently having an internal discussion about selling a single block of ad space on the site and would like some feedback. Obviously, we would be enforcing a handful of rules with an ad: cannot be a link to NSFW content. cannot be a link to a competing website. cannot be a link to a website involving hacking or anything malicious in general. cannot be an animated GIF or have an obnoxious design. This ad would likely be placed on the sidebar, just below the Discord block. Would likely be a monthly rotation on a first come, first serve basis unless someone is willing to outbid for the space. There are a variety of models at our disposal, ranging from auction to tiered brackets based on the size of the site you're advertising. We haven't yet decided on a fair value. WebFlake averages somewhere around 5k or more visits per day, but that number fluctuates throughout the year. We'd like your feedback on what you would be willing to pay on a monthly basis. Feel free to post questions, comments, or additional feedback.
  5. We don't do that here, for legal and security reasons.
  6. Edit the specific forum and select the Posting Settings tab. Under Tags (midway down the page), you will see the option Can use tags? and an input field for Defined tags. Adjust these settings to your taste. If you toggle Use default, that forum will use the default tags you have defined in System > Settings > Posting > Tags.
  7. Ah, yeah. I wasn't aware of that. My apologies. I recommend following the source repository for potential new commits: https://github.com/ABSAhmad/IpsDiscordIntegration
  8. https://webflake.sx/files/file/4197-discord-integration/ Provides what you're looking for and then some.
  9. Simple: you "corrupt" the previous poster's wish and then make your own. For example: Be as silly as you like but please keep it SFW. I'll start with something simple: I wish for a million dollars!
  10. I really don't appreciate the condescending tone of your message. Bit ironic given that you tried to emulate WebFlake and that project shit the bed. Consider your words more carefully next time.
  11. Just be certain to read over our guidelines. Let us know if you require additional help with your installation.
  12. Your last download was on 9/9 at 4:06am EST. It hasn't yet been 24 hours. It's also worth noting that creating a secondary account to circumvent our download restrictions will earn a ban. Your other account, which you created yesterday, has been locked.
  13. If it has been a day, the best I can tell you is to clear your browser cache and cookies, then try again.
  14. Please do not tag Staff in support topics unless we've already responded to it. As for the question, simply download another copy of the software and replace the deleted folder.
  15. Nothing like that exists and would require a custom plugin. You're welcome to post in our Marketplace when you have a budget in mind.