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  1. Friends, thank you very much for your suggestions. I have purchased a shared hosting service with Namecheap, Pro package. It is affordable for me right now. As my old hosting provider unexpectedly announced a bankruptcy, I had to find a good hosting provider in a hurry. But this time, I took the decision on not to go with a small company just for helping it to stand, but to save me from losses which I faced. Really, small companies are too much unpredictable. No body knows when they will announce their 'BANKRUPTCY'. Luckily I got the domain transferred on my name which I paid for, but the money for hosting for rest 9 months is gone as I paid for a full year in advance. Anyway, I am glad that I choose Namecheap. Their service is really excellent. Now, except my own domain, I got 4 clients hosted with me and more will come in the future. As I am selling domain, hosting, designing in one package, this Shared Hosting service is a good deal to me. If I go for a Reseller Hosting package or a VPS, I will buy that from them. I am very much satisfied with their service. Thank you all for your reply and suggestions. Love you all. I am requesting to the moderators to close this thread as the purpose of this thread has been served. Thank you.
  2. DarKMaSk


    Thank you friend. Hope it will work with Visual Composer 4.11.x.
    Hey Buddy, from your greatest fan. Thanks for this awesome share.
  3. DarKMaSk


    It is working beautifully. Though I need some plugins like Contact Form 7, Revolution Slider etc. to make this work completely. It would be better if this upload contained these 'must' required plugins. But, we are getting this for free. So we should appreciate and be happy about what we are getting. Thank you very much for this awesome share friend and you know I am one of your many fans.
  4. I got one. Very friendly. Very helpful from one of our own friends here, Though in the starter package, she is giving 10GB but she is also giving SSD HDD which is far more faster than others and yes, all my other conditions have been fulfilled. I am happy. ^_^
  5. Can anyone upload any good looking Travel & Tour business oriented theme for WordPress 4.5.2?
  6. I agree with Lara. My heart was broke, when I saw WebFlake was down. :( Now I know why after 5-6 mins, Cloudflare was resetting my login and forced me to solve the captcha to continue my session here. It also happened whenever I visit this site and I went into fight with my cable net provider on this issue. :P Thanks @Phun for solving the problem. :)
  7. Anyone conversant with Java and Heritrix?
  8. Hi Myth! Welcome to the world of WebFlake.
  9. Version 2.9.2


    Eicra Tour Script is a custom built solution that covers the end to end operations of Holiday divisions. The solution manages all reservation (air, car, hotels, activities, insurance and packages), inventory and back office processes via a fully integrated reservation system. Travel tour operators may post travel deals and other users may search for deals and order using PayPal or other merchant secure checkout. It is a complete Tour script for your Tour & Travels business. UNZIP! READ THE 'READ ME' FILE INSIDE FOR EXTENSIVE DOCUMENTATION LINK. THEN UPLOAD THE FILES INSIDE 'UPLOAD' FOLDER TO YOUR SERVER AND INSTALL USING ON-SCREEN INSTRUCTIONS. IN ANY QUERY, POST IN SUPPORT SECTION. DON'T ASK QUESTIONS HERE. This is being used in many commercial sites. This is a collected script but I have used this script in a site with no problem. Note: The zip file is password protected. Open the file with WinRAR and you will see the password. Downloaders are requested to leave some reviews. If you give a negative reputation, please mention the cause, otherwise you will be reported. Thank you.

  10. @leejay I totally agree with @Ragehost, but would like to give my opinion. Do not use any integrated money transfer apis. Use only offline transfer mode and in that mode give your bank account info. It would be much more safer if you send that info through your mail. For web hosting business, it should not be a problem.
  11. @Kingy has said what you need to know. But tell me, what you will get out of your 'PAID SUBSCRIPTION' ?? I am telling what you will get: You will not be able to upgrade until & unless you pay IPS. You have to renew your license in every six months. If not, your license will expire and then your copy of IPB will be as good as an illegitimate software except you have an expired license (I don't know what good it will make :-/ ) If you want to upgrade, you have to pay what they will charge, moreover you have to pay for some apps which were part of the main application. So, in gist, they will suck your hard earned money like a blood sucker as long as you would use that 'licensed copy', whether you upgrade it or not. If you decide not to upgrade, then your forum will be vulnerable to attacks. In return of your money, what you will get? You will get some advice (support) for not to do this-n-that because it will revoke your license. How ridiculous. Now what you will get if you use nulled version ( I cannot guarantee other than WebFlake releases): You will get a latest IPB forum with all core apps installed. You can do whatever you want with your copy. You can even re-engineer the core files if you have that expertise. No one will prevent you. You will get much more support here than IPS. You will get all of these at FREE OF COST. O yah, you can obviously donate a little but that is up to you and not mandatory. Now you decide, which one is better.
  12. Which version do you use? I have used all the version released in WebFlake starting from 3.4.9 and never had any issue. Because in most of the cases, uploaders null the versions by themselves and they do it for us, who always doesn't have money to pay for every little single bit of IPB. And these uploaders buy legit versions and then they null it by themselves. These coders do this out of sheer passion of helping people, not to take advantage of them or to steal their data. Once I experienced such an incident like you on a free server, but then I was using Joomla. After thorough search, I saw that they were inserting a javascript to do that. I delete entire thing and changed to a paid server. So, the problem was on the server, not in the script I was using. Yours might be a case like that. Yes. It is safe as long as you use the WebFlake versions. I use the 4.1.9 and it's superb.
    Superb theme. Beautiful. Could give a 5 star, but could not give as there is no PSD files, only the .xml file. :( Update: The above comment was for the previous upload in which the .psd files and the font file were missing. But it was just a mistake and upon informed, the uploader, @gold fish updated this file and friends, I can assure you that this is an original purchased file as I scorched the net and could not find this updated version. And this theme is SUPERB. Please don't use it as I have used it in my forum. Just joking. Never mind. If it would be possible, I would change the 3 stars to 5 stars. @gold fish Here are your 5 stars friend... *****
  13. You are welcome. Please send a message to any moderator to close this topic if you think you problem is resolved. :) BTW, I have just tested 'Invite System 2.0.4' with IPB 4.1.9 and it worked flawlessly. Superb application. Thanks to the uploader. ^_^