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  1. Actually I haven't found the copyright code yet. But I have changed the 'Forum software made by Xenforo', this line and I have changed the copyright portion of the theme I used, though it was also took some time to figure out. Changing the line, 'Forum software made by Xenforo' is easy. Enter the ACP. Then go to Setup > Options > Basic board information > Board Meta Description and change the line. The metadata will be changed automatically. Now, I have used Vertiforo theme. I changed the copyright portion in the source .xml file before uploading. If you open the .xml (I use Dreamweaver to open .xml files) file, you will find the 'Footer' portion from line 580 to 587. You will understand what to change there. That's all. But I am still looking for the original Xenforo copyright entry.
  2. Please see my above reply. There are only 2 (two) files in 'library' folder, one is .htaccess file and another is an 'index.html' file, that's all.
  3. Where can I find this language file? There is no file in 'library' folder. My Xenforo version is 2.1.0. In version 1.x, the Xenforo folder was in the 'library' folder. Lot has been changed from version 2.0. Though I have found an 'Application.php' file in the '/src/Legacy' folder but that doesn't contain the code you have mentioned. Also, the whole Xenforo script doesn't have any 'footer.php', atleast I couldn't find any such file.
  4. I have bypassed the problem by another way but could not found the 'Copyright by Xenforo' - this line.
  5. Though I have mentioned my basic question in the title of this thread, but it will be much better if I explain it with image. Look at the image below. How can it be done? And with this, I need another page under it just like the forum index page. Please help.
  6. I have already seen this solution but it is not working. In XF 2.1.0 in '/src/XF.php', there is no such line or code. At line 893 it is calling a function named 'getCopyrightHtml()'. But I could not find where this function has been defined, though I have not searched every file in there.
  7. Website means the presense of a person or a company or an organisation in the world of internet. Now a days, website brings business. The higher the rank of a website in a search engine, the more business it captures because when a website comes within the first 3 positions in every related search results in most major search engines, it catches huge attention and people comes to give their ads in there. I doubt if someone gets the chance to make money with his/her website, he/she would throw it away. Now to put the site higher in search engine ranking, ligitimately, SEO is the only option. Posting in social media doesn't make a site rank higher in most of the major search engines. Google does not follow a link posted in social media. So, social media doesn't add any value in site ranking. So, IMHO, if you are serious about your website and want to monetize it, at some point you would have to learn SEO techniques. ?
  8. Hey Cookie. After a long long time. :D ^_^ I have no problem with you to take a look. I will send you a PM. :)
  9. I am not talking about any template. I am talking about Xenforo default branding i.e, 'Forum Software Made by Xenforo', this branding. I want to remove it. I searched the net, but nothing found useful. Can anyone help please?
    The theme is good but not originally built for 1.8.19, though it has been installed using 'ignore compatibility mode'. It seems it is working but I cannot take risk of using it on production site.
    Not compatible with 1.8.19.
    How to change the overall colour from dark to any other colour?
    After installing, it showed that this theme has been designed for another version of MyBB. Though it seems to working fine after checking the 'Ignore Version Compatibility' option, but it is not a good idea. Any thought @Carla.Lander ?
  10. I am trying to post Amazon affiliate banner code in 'Advertisement' in Xenforo 2 and I am always getting the an error "Oops! We ran into some problems. Please try again later. More error details may be in the browser console." when saving and the ad could not be saved. Plz help.
  11. Never! I use 'Avira' from the time when it was not owned by Avira Gmbh, when it's name was 'Antivir'. Through out this time, I never had any problem regarding virus.
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