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  1. Music Case

    Great. My pleasure. ^_^ I would change the law, but nothing in your website.
  2. Music Case

    Very good job but you made a very risky job also. Giving link to download copyrighted music is very risky business. But, you did a great job. I only missed a 'Go Up' button... honestly.
  3. Crystal Forums :*

    Beautiful landing page. Beautiful forum design. I like it. Just curious, have you designed the landing page separately or it comes with a theme?
  4. Friends, thank you very much for your suggestions. I have purchased a shared hosting service with Namecheap, Pro package. It is affordable for me right now. As my old hosting provider unexpectedly announced a bankruptcy, I had to find a good hosting provider in a hurry. But this time, I took the decision on not to go with a small company just for helping it to stand, but to save me from losses which I faced. Really, small companies are too much unpredictable. No body knows when they will announce their 'BANKRUPTCY'. Luckily I got the domain transferred on my name which I paid for, but the money for hosting for rest 9 months is gone as I paid for a full year in advance. Anyway, I am glad that I choose Namecheap. Their service is really excellent. Now, except my own domain, I got 4 clients hosted with me and more will come in the future. As I am selling domain, hosting, designing in one package, this Shared Hosting service is a good deal to me. If I go for a Reseller Hosting package or a VPS, I will buy that from them. I am very much satisfied with their service. Thank you all for your reply and suggestions. Love you all. I am requesting to the moderators to close this thread as the purpose of this thread has been served. Thank you.
  5. uDesign

    Thank you friend. Hope it will work with Visual Composer 4.11.x.
  6. Slider Revolution

    Hey Buddy, from your greatest fan. Thanks for this awesome share.
  7. BeTheme

    It is working beautifully. Though I need some plugins like Contact Form 7, Revolution Slider etc. to make this work completely. It would be better if this upload contained these 'must' required plugins. But, we are getting this for free. So we should appreciate and be happy about what we are getting. Thank you very much for this awesome share friend and you know I am one of your many fans.
  8. I got one. Very friendly. Very helpful from one of our own friends here, www.orbithosts.com Though in the starter package, she is giving 10GB but she is also giving SSD HDD which is far more faster than others and yes, all my other conditions have been fulfilled. I am happy. ^_^
  9. I am using IPB 4.1.9. I have SSL installed in my site, but no padlock is showing. When I checked my site with 'whynopadlock.com', it is showing the following results. I have not given the full result here because all the 'Insecure URLs' are pointing to the folder 'uploads' as you can see. Can anyone help me to solve this problem? whynopadlock.com result: Domain Name: www.<domain name> URL Tested: https://www. <domain name> Number of items downloaded on page: 107 Valid Certificate found. Certificate valid through: May 11 23:59:59 2017 GMT Certificate Issuer: COMODO CA Limited SSL Protocols Supported: TLSv1 TLSv1.1 TLSv1.2 Total number of items: 107 Number of insecure items: 67 Insecure URL: http:// <domain name> /uploads/monthly_2016_04/medium.sunset_storm_over_lake_1920x905.jpg.9bd58198da8944ad7c1afdc1ac7e4a6a.jpg Found in: https:// <domain name> / Insecure URL: http:// <domain name> /uploads/monthly_2016_04/medium._DSC0433.jpg.409c460e08ac8dbebe1b99ab99c18bca.jpg Found in: https:// <domain name> / Insecure URL: http:// <domain name> /uploads/monthly_2016_04/medium.running_thru_the_edge.jpg.3329f7abc3c5aeca5a322aba1ddf4d4b.jpg Found in: https:// <domain name> / Insecure URL: http:// <domain name> /uploads/set_resources_10/d0e70b4cbb9ab8afb1bc1065a3f8487a_subitem_stem.png Found in: https:// <domain name> /uploads/css_built_10/341e4a57816af3ba440d891ca87450ff_framework.css.938b49c2d14de630ae9813c980c76b1d.css?v=906bb1581d > > > ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Insecure <form> call. Found on line # 216 in file: <domain name> /index.html Insecure <form> call. Found on line # 353 in file: <domain name> /index.html (Note: Chrome will show a security error for any secure page with an insecure <form> call on the page)
  10. I am using IPB 4.1.9 and I need to make a customized contact form. How can I do that? Is there any extension for this? Can anyone help with some info?
  11. Can anyone upload any good looking Travel & Tour business oriented theme for WordPress 4.5.2?
  12. Our recent downtime

    I agree with Lara. My heart was broke, when I saw WebFlake was down. :( Now I know why after 5-6 mins, Cloudflare was resetting my login and forced me to solve the captcha to continue my session here. It also happened whenever I visit this site and I went into fight with my cable net provider on this issue. :P Thanks @Phun for solving the problem. :)
  13. Java and Heritrix

    Anyone conversant with Java and Heritrix?
  14. Problem with Kensei

    I would like to spend few words on this topic. I agree with @DavidPolak that many of the nulled released or stuffs like plugins and applications can be found in other IPB related warez sites and nobody can be sure that all the uploaders here, do buy those stuffs legally and then upload them here because no uploader will give the proof of buying as it will expose them. So, we would never know whether the upload is a legitimate one or it is downloaded from any other site. But we love to believe that they purchase it and then share it if not otherwise stated like my uploads (though my uploaded scripts are not related to IPB). I think, as we are responsible members of WebFlake, we should clearly mention in the description that whether the file is collected or purchased. And if the uploader makes some changes in the file, the sections where they made the change should be clearly stated. And they should mention the original name of the author of the file as taking someone's property and not giving him/her credit is called "STEALING". We are not THIEVES, right? As we expect some recognition for our works, we should give the same to others, specially to the original authors by mentioning their name or not removing their name from the file. If downloaders want to remove them, they can do by their own or ask for help in support section. But, uploaders should not claim someone else's work as their own because they did some modifications. Though in reality, except those 'nulled' versions, I haven't seen any modification ever made in a plugin, or in an application. So, why should we remove the original author's name only for the sake of uploading it?! To me, it is unethical.
  15. Hi there

    Hi Myth! Welcome to the world of WebFlake.