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  1. Hello! Welcome, welcome, welcome! I think many of us would agree that IPB is never a bad choice. Given how long it's been since you last touched the software, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how far it's come, and just how snazzy it looks (Also, the Admin CP isn't an eyesore like it tends to be in other scripts ).
  2. Just got done with progress tests and exams for this year... Phew! 

  3. Yeah... Kinda sucks how bland the default always is. Anyway! I think this here is what you may be looking for! If you happen to mean the bubbles under the rank image... I THINK last I heard that's a edit specific to WebFlank made personally, with no information made public on the site about how to replicate.
  4. Hmm... I've seen something like this happen before myself when I installed a theme that was made for a different version of the script I was using. So, I think the first thing to do would make sure the version of XenForo you are using, and the version of whatever theme you are using are compatible (e.g: If you are running XenForo 2.0, make sure the theme is designed to work with 2.0). If the versions are compatible then you may want to check out any settings for the theme, and documentation for the theme (if any is available). Plus, making sure you uploaded ALL the files needed and they
  5. A .GIF file set as the background image for your website would do the trick. Along with that you may need to add/configure the code of the theme to tell it how to repeat the image.
  6. Then my fine fellow, you'll have to buy an official license and than purchase the theme through official channels, or alternatively wait for it to be released here.
  7. Welp! First answer may be boring to you, and that is... Buy an official license, and then purchase and download plugins from the official store. If that is out of the question, you can browse the catalogue of plugins available in the download section of this very site.
  8. Oh, another who lurks in the shadows and peeks their head above ground once or twice a millennia?! FANTASTIC! xD
  9. Ah, seems like your boards are in offline mode. Just flick the switch in the settings to turn it on.
  10. Howdy, and welcome! Hope you have a good time tinkerin' with this and that!
  11. Do you mean an internet browsers search bar? Or, do you mean how the changes to usergroup formatting I've listed throughout the thread post?
  12. [10/04/2021 - 08:20] - It's been forever! Added poll to thread. Numbered each section to allow easy shortcutting by using a browsers search bar (CTRL+F). Cleaned up the thread by rewording some of the parts a little, and corrected typos. (posted the update as a response as I believe the guide is still relevent now)
  13. Usually projects, and on the rare occasion video games if I so happen to be really into one... Nioh 2 has been one recently I'm scared to play, because I'll just not stop. The odd little bit of procrastination with studies is the other thing. The answer to the universe is... 42.
  14. Got around to fleshing out the 'about me' section of my profile, among other things. Also... HELLO OUT THERE IN WEBFLAKE LAND! 

    (Formally TinkerToo., changed display name.)

  15. Been ages. Hope is all well... These digs are looking tastier than ever!
    (Translation: Appearance of site is looking better than ever!)