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  1. Heya! Can you upload (BIM41) Required Info 1.0.9 Thanks :)

  2. My last weeks in this community ...

  3. It's working here:
  4. * Cometchat isn't a app For cometchat (Tutorial made by Rosicky): Unzip And Upload The Cometchat Folder To The Root Folder Of Your Site ( or Now Go To and wait to complete (about 2 seconds) Copy The Code It Gives You For The Docked Theme Now Go To Admin-->Customization-->Themes-->Edit HTML And CSS Of Your Chosen Theme You Should Be On globalTemplate If Not Go To The globalTemplate On The HTML Bit Right Under The <head> tag Right At The Top You Will Paste The Code It Gave You On The Install Screen (I Will Paste Below) For quizz: ACP > System > Applications "Install new app" Choose the .tar file Install
  5. It's working fine here, but I don't recommend this app. Sometime can be annoying
  6. You're asking very simple questions. Please, try first. Hint: "globalTemplate code" or "meta tags"
  7. Hi, welcome Where are you from?
  8. Hi, welcome to webflake