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  1. Hi guys is possible have this app: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7369-automation-rules-full/ Thanks so much Regards
  2. Over sided icon size. In Matter Theme

    Add this in the your custom.css theme .ipsItemStatus_custom{ width: 50px; } change the width value as you like.
  3. Hi guys, i'm looking for the italian language full pack for ips 4.2, someone is available to have this? Thanks in advance Regards Max
  4. Forum bar and Start New Topic

    Thanks so much
  5. Hello, how do i do to remove the bar with forum script and start new topic button? Thanks in advance. Regards
  6. How to arrange sub forums into 3 columns?

    Hi, how to shorten the titles of subforums? thanks so much
  7. Downloads Plus

    Hi guys is possible have this app: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8606-downloads-plus/ Thanks
  8. Nerva 4.2 & by IPSMake

    Update new version please, thanks
  9. Behemoth

    The ultimate version is possible?
  10. Magnum Theme IPS 4.2.4

    Hi guys, i ask, if possible, to have magnum theme for ips 4.2.4. Thanks in Advance Regards, Max
  11. Pages Supergrid IPS 4.2

    Thanks so much
  12. Hi guys, sorry for my english...it would be possible to have the latest version? This is the link: pages supergrid 4.2 Thanks. Regards
  13. Auto Link Titles

    Do not work version
  14. [REQUEST] Gallery In Post

    Hi guys, is possible have this plugin: https://invisionpower.com/files/file/7365-bim41-gallery-in-post/