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  1. Read what I what I said or typed very SLOW and it should tell where to listen!! A freaking LIST on my website!!!
  2. I just want my members to be able to listen to a mp3 and also for them to download the file from a list. I know it sounds simple, but my brain is not as sharp as it use to be! ( I am 65 and trying to learn php, etc.) I want the list be independent and not tied in with the download section,
  3. Hello everyone, Can anyone suggest what I can use to have my members hear and pick the audio file(s) they would like to listen to and maybe to have! I have over 10 gig of audio files and I am a noob about scripts, etc. Since no one has come forth about the musicbox script for IPB 4.4.10+, I am relying on some one to make a script I can use! Sorry I can not pay anyone due to my very small (3 digit) monthly disability checks. TIA and as always be SAFE
  4. southerner

    Music Box

    Hello everyone Has anyone come up with a alternative for MusicBox and Suite 4.4.10? I have over 200 songs I would like to post and share. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. S!r.ReaDy and others, Here are two screenshots that I made. Maybe they will help in what I want to achieve! In hiding the category(ies) , I still want to be able to use them! Screenshot one is self explained!!
  6. Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing ok and being safe!! I have 2 questions to ask and need help on them, please!! How can you you hide the category tabs up top on main menu(horizontal) and how can you add more than one and use them a drop list like on here? Thanks and GODSPEED everyone!! (If this is posted in the wrong place, correct it for me...past the bed time for this OLD man!!)
  7. Monkey D. Luffy, Thanks very much for your help. It was just an over sight. Need my eyes checked Have a awesome and safe day too!!
  8. Hello, Where would I find the apps for the gift card and pages? I want to add some gift cards like it is done here and I want to add some additional pages within my forum/community! Thanks and be S-A-F-E!!
  9. Version 0.0.1


    Various types of smilies! ENJOY!!
  10. Hello everyone, Hope this finds that everyone is doing ok and staying safe. The outside condition is slowly getting back to normal the news says, but I personally think it will take about 3 years just to get back on our feet. Any how. Hope I am posting in the right place about what I am going to ask! I have about 100 audio files and would like to put them on several pages so that my members can play them just by clicking on the name. I had a program at one time called amazing audio, but lost it some where between here and there! Can someone tell me how I can go about doing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again and be SAFE in what you do on the outside! GODSPEED!! btw.. This does not have anything to do with IPB
  11. Nice to have you on board!! Have a awesome and SAFE day.
  12. Hey.... What happen to the download I posted? Thanks!!
  13. I enjoy this site too and it is totally AWESOME!!
  14. Hello everyone... I uploaded the flat icons zip file!! Hope all of you will enjoy them. I had fun in making them possible. Please take the time and read the readme text file. Thanks...be SAFE!! !
  15. Hello everyone... I have put together a few flat icons (about 2399 in 24 categories, w/ transparent background and 13.1 MB in zipped format) that I would like to share with everyone. If you are interested in them, send me a private message and I will send them to you via private message. They are white but you can bucket fill them to any color and then re-size them to your likings! Thanks and be SAFE out there btw.. If a few of you likes them... let me know and I will post here and I will put them in a link to them!
  16. Hello and thanks!! Where is the update or which version should I use? I am using IPB 4.4.10 and 1.35 for the Classified App
  17. Hello everyone.. Please help me before I pull out my hair I have left on this thin and bald head!! I having a brain fart and I can not for the life of me, I do not know what I am doing wrong!! In the classifieds applications I can not enter a advert! (imagine 1)The permissions are set (I think) and the other problem. how do you get the classifieds looking like the second imagine? Any help will be greatly appreciated
  18. Thanks very much for the information!!
  19. Hello all, Can some one tell me where in either downloads mods where to add a delay in downloading files like it is being used here at WebFlake! I have looked and can not find it! Thanks
  20. All is OK now Thanks to all that helped out BE SAFE!!
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Over 975 Tux Avatars up for grab 256 X 256 ENJOY!!
  22. Hello everyone...hope ALL is SAFE!! I have been in two wars (Viet-Nam and Gulf War) and never in my life have I seen such as this! It makes me get up out of my wheel chair and kick someone's arse or a group of them!! Ok.. I have installed the latest version of IBP 4.4 (yes....the file came from here) on the server and the install finally went well. I When I try to log in either front end or the admin side, it will not let me and tells me that I am locked out. What can be the problem? It is a fresh install and like I mentioned...the install went flawless. Any help for this old man would be greatly appreciated because I am putting this board up for vets and their families to surf without trying to figure out how to manage with a membership without all that bull that some sites do! TIA
  23. Hello everyone, I have been away for awhile and came back to the community with a inactive warning! Just want to tell you I am back, alive and survived my surgery. Hope all is well with everyone!! ? Take care everyone and I shall see you on the flip-side.
  24. Hello... I am glad to be back after a very, very long illness. The VA hospital here kept me under their so-called wings for 6 weeks! That is about 5 weeks too long for me to stay "pinned" down! I want to thank all that was concern about my well being and health!
  25. Hello everyone... Can someone write a calendar script for me to put in one of potral's block? I am running IPB version 3.4.9 and portal 1.41! Any questions or comments, let me know Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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