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  1. The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  2. Whats the issue? It is unclear what is going on. Can you clarify on what is going or give us more information on what your seeing?
  3. Are you able to access AdminCP? If so I would disable the latest application or plugin and try to go down the list.
  4. Can you check the logs via AdminCP and post the log here?
  5. Sure, just DM me your Discord here.
  6. Does he have his notification setting in place?
  7. Can you post a screenshot so I know what your talking about.
  8. Please take a look at this guide:
  9. It's going to be in here: AdminCP -> Appearance -> Emails Then you can find the strings here: AdminCP -> Appearance -> Languages
  10. Its was a template, you need to know what port to give to them.
  11. @kFxDaKing perhaps then I would mess with the ip try localhost or full ip.
  12. @wanderer I would ask them if they could open these port XYZ and specify the reason.
  13. Could be firewall issue. Have you checked that?
  14. @RoNaN72 what IPS version are you using?
  15. Do you mind DM'ing me the website and with an admin account that I can try to see whats going on?
  16. What is your PHP version?
  17. Then perhaps, what you can do is to make a new "Default Theme" so you will want to create a theme and let that be your default theme. Hopefully that should fix a lot of things.
  18. Can you try to go to the theme and find the theme and click on "</>" that button. Once, you have click on it go to HTML tab on the left. following this "core/front/global/favico" path. Click the restore button.
  19. You can use your old database as long as it is for that version. But there are other requirements unless you don't mind it not working. Such as specific plugins and applications or any uploads. But to fix this assuming this is the same domain, you could try to clear cache on the website end. ACP -> Support -> Second Bubble Option -> Clear Cache
  20. Can you try to clear cache on the website end. ACP -> Support -> Second Bubble Option -> Clear Cache
  21. What version of IPS are you using? What PHP version are you using?
  22. Have you tried to clear cache? If not try this: ACP -> Support -> Second Bubble Option -> Clear Cache
  23. Have you tried to reinstall the plugin?
  24. You have to extract the zip and then upload the XML file. Do not upload the ZIP file it won't work.
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