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  1. Can you check if that function exist?
  2. This just mean that the table in your database doesn't . Also, what PHP version do you have?
  3. I can't give it to you for free but if you pay the full 15 dollars I can send you a download link.
  4. Nope, but I am more than happy to get to you if you want to send the money.
  5. I don't see why not. You can if you want.
  6. Triqqy

    IPS 4.3 IPB 4.3 SEO

    System->Search Engine Optimization->Meta Tags->Launch Live Meta Tag Editor
  7. I can purchase this for you once I receive your payment.
  8. Triqqy

    Help :D

    Invision Community Suite
  9. There are no plug-ins or applications that does such things as far as I know.
  10. Two ways of accomplishing this task. 1) Download this Discord Widget install it as a plug in. Download: Discord Widget 2) Go to your Discord server. 1) Server Settings 2) Widgets 3) Enable Widget 4) Copy the "Pre Made Widget" should be an ifrane 5) Then paste it
  11. I can buy it for you once I get the payment.
  12. How do you know its not a plug in?
  13. He was a good man. With a lot of respect!