For a limited-time, upgrade to +Blizzard for $30 USD and receive the following:

— a free copy of Oblivion Light.
— a free copy of WebFlake Trackers Bundle.
— a free WF Halloween Member Badges (PSD).

You can visit this thread below for more details regarding the original promotion.

Contact @Davlin to make a purchase or for questions / comments.

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  1. I can buy this application, once you sent me 20 dollars.
  2. I am able to get this application if you want to contribute. I have an active license
  3. @Hispano and @qrt1977 are you still interested in getting those? If so I need both of you to send me a PM on here and we talk on Discord.
  4. Triqqy

    Need IPS Plugin

    Then upgrade to snow or blizzard. I'd recommend blizzard. It's only 35 dollar than 50 dollars
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This removes the follow button for guests in most places. It should stay the same for members.Useful if you don't want visitors to see who follows what an adds some more privacy for your users, since I don't think there is a setting that disables this.if you want to show the follow button again simply disable or uninstall this plugin. You can see the before and after in images above.

  7. Version 2.1.2


    Logs information about all logins performed on your site, whether they are successful or not. The following information is logged: Time of attempt, Member account Username/Email used, IP Address Attempt number Result It should be noted that there is the potential for massive amounts of data to be stored with this application on busy sites, so I recommend you use the LOG PRUNING setting to prune old logs daily. Upgrade from version 1.1.0 (IP.Board 3.X): Simply perform a FRESH INSTALL of version 2.0.0 and the installer will insert the logs from the old app into the new and will delete all data from old app.

  8. You should wait until the file gets approved. @avitron Do you have Discord? If so whats your tag?
  9. It's still undergoing verification before the file gets approved.
  10. Version 2.1.4


    Adds a widget showing all staff online.