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  1. Dark theme for me but it depend the situation really
  2. What kind of IP logger URL?? The one you made or the one that other people made?
  3. I dont think IPS would just leak your IP to the public on your forum.
  4. So you want to protect the IP?
  5. Can you explain to me. What do you mean by "What can leak the backend too?"
  6. Points 1.0.4

    I can get it to you just PM at my discord Gilly#7886 if you want to purchase this application
  7. You can try to go here: ACP -> Systems -> Posting -> "Allow remote images?"
  8. I've broken my wrist from a swing set cause I was trying to get higher but then gravity took over me.
  9. Mind

    Version 2.0.2


    Mind theme has been updated to the latest version (v4.2.8) with a cooler look. Basic instructions are included in the package. IMPORTANT UPDATE: A series of blocks has been included in this version, so it's recommended to use PAGES App. READ MORE Hope you like Demo Demo account: User: Test Password: test
    The "Pallete" option is still broken and it seem as though you went to and just re uploaded a broken theme. This seems like you just went to here
  10. Can you try to be more specific and the area that you need help on? I am not good at CSS but this should help for those who are good at CSS.
  11. Hi WF community, I'm just curious what are yall excited about the new IPS 4.3? The thing that I am excited for the new version is the Oauth feature. Commerce is a huge thing. The new search featured called Elastic Search. But do let us know what are your favorite new feature that is coming to 4.3.
    For some reason when I change the "Pallette" setting in there is messes with the forum css.