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  1. Could it be a plugin/application? I would try to disable each plugin/application and see if that fixes that issue.
  2. Did you make sure you re uploaded all the files back to the new hosting?
  3. No, run that on the website and copy the text it give you and paste it to a xml file.
  4. Its a php file because then it is able to generate the sitemap dynamically. Just copy and paste the text to an xml file.
  5. I think you need to upload an xml file and not php file.
  6. Triqqy


    CSS, IPS does not have this feature by default. So to do this you will need to know CSS and make a custom class and use it in the group formatting.
  7. I would go and disable plugins and application one by one see what is causing this.
  8. Can you move to the desired spot? What does it look like?
  9. Whats the issue? It is unclear what is going on. Can you clarify on what is going or give us more information on what your seeing?
  10. Triqqy

    500 error

    Are you able to access AdminCP? If so I would disable the latest application or plugin and try to go down the list.
  11. Triqqy

    500 error

    What php version?
  12. Can you check the logs via AdminCP and post the log here?
  13. Sure, just DM me your Discord here.
  14. Does he have his notification setting in place?
  15. Can you post a screenshot so I know what your talking about.
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