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  1. That's how I have it for the posts and register date. How can I just put the custom user field input on the right float? I can't seem to figure out how to just show the "Some Gems" and not the "RSN:" included with it
  2. Hey, I've been floating the posts and joined date in the postbit and cannot figure out how to float the custom user fields so the name is on the left and input on the right this is what i currently have Thanks !
  3. Thanks! Here's mine I removed the avatar because it was too big. How can I make it smaller? Couldn't figure it out
  4. I know that there has been topics locked and already made about Nulled vs retail and software to use, but I'd like to ask about my personal preferences on which will be the best for me. 1. Retail, but not my license I will be hosting on x10hosting for a few months and then switching to their upgraded hosting when I have plenty of money to do so, and want to use a paid software. Would they be able to detect that this is not my license and could my forum possibly get shut down very easily? Note: My license key is currently "Missing" on IPB 3.4.5, should that be okay? To see if you c
  5. Welcome dude (welcome back?), see you around.
  6. Faboo


    Welcome. Hope you enjoy the forums!
  7. Welcome man. Hope you enjoy it, it's awesome here.
  8. Ah, okay. I will. Going with a light theme, my friend Luke (member on first post) is making me a theme from the default one and I'll help with the little coding I know for sites.
  9. Holy jesus, this looks sick. Good luck. I hope you can finish it and make the best IPB theme ever
  10. Thanks for the input This is gonna be a programming/graphics site, not hacking programming. But thanks for the input Sounds good
  11. Hey everyone. I'm creating a computer design and programming website, and was wondering if I should pick a dark or a light theme. Which one do you think? I'd love some input Edit: Its not hacking, computer programming as in java and things like that. And design like Photoshop, etc.
  12. Faboo

    What is this?

    I got lucky on this.. guessed B. Been getting tons of questions in school right by guessing with B.. guess it pays off.
  13. Very true.. didn't even really put that into consideration that every other site uses a point system. A little bit. Trying to figure out what my new project is gonna be, gonna get some things straightened out and not make another general discussion board. Need a specific topic
  14. Or even have a points system that earns points towards downloads, and every download (depending on whether its a skin, addon, software release, etc.) deducts a certain amount of points from the user.