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  1. I've also tried the new uploaded version (4.5.3) with the same results, seems like the Forums app have an issue.
  2. I think this guide can help you: https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/monetization/internal-advertising-r57/#manualplace
  3. .htaccess file supported by Apache, for nginx you must add rewrite rules into your domain's vhost file. For example: location /api/ { try_files $uri $uri/ /api/index.php?$args; }
  4. So, it's theme's issue, try to find/download the latest version of theme for your supported IPS version (if you don't have it) or replace it to another similar to your needs (if this issue it's important).
  5. Compare with the default theme and see if this issue persist, if so, then might be a theme issue, or as @S!r.ReaDy mentioned, cache / browser issue.
  6. For IPS 4.3 use PHP 7.2 If upgrade to IPS 4.4 then you can use PHP 7.3
  7. Is it correct the version on your user info panel? I mean you run 4.1? If yes try to comment the below content: core > front > global > reputation {{if $content->canGiveReputation( -1 )}} <a href='{$content->url( 'rep' )->setQueryString( 'rep', -1 )->csrf()}' data-action="giveReputation" class='ipsButton ipsButton_like ipsButton_veryLight'><i class='fa fa-times'></i> <span class='ipsHide' data-role='repCount'>{$content->reputation()}</span> {lang="unlike"}</a> {{endif}} and core > front > global > reputationMini {{if $canRepDown}} <a href='{$giveRepUrl->setQueryString( array( 'rep' => -1, 'mini' => 1 ) )->csrf()}' data-action="giveReputation">{lang="unlike"}</a> {{endif}}
  8. Try to add these lines in your custom.css .cAcpNotificationBanner_error { display: none; } #acpNewVersion, #elLicenseKey { display: none; }
  9. I haven't tried it in latest version but it works to previous version that I had to apply. If it's not working, reply to take a look. From your theme's templates open the: core > front > global > reputation and delete or (better) comment the bellow content: <a href='{$content->url( 'unreact' )->csrf()}' class='ipsReact_unreact {{if $content->reacted() == FALSE}}ipsHide{{endif}}' data-action='unreact' data-ipsTooltip title='{lang="reaction_remove"}'>&times;</a> Also, open the core > front > global > reputationMini and do the same thing as above: <li> <a href='{$content->url( 'unreact' )->csrf()}' class='ipsReact_unreact {{if $content->reacted() == FALSE}}ipsHide{{endif}}' data-action='unreact' data-ipsTooltip title='{lang="reaction_remove"}'>&times;</a> </li>
  10. I had a successful transaction with @kazurengan. Everything rolled as expected, fast response with the desired course in seconds in my account. Thank you!
  11. Corona

    make an app?

    I don't know if this can be done with PWA but for sure next version will include native apps for iOS and Android.
  12. Corona

    Install Erro

    At first I think it's a good idea to run the below script (needs update) and check if everything is Okay on your new server. Then follow what @ Jrock said. You are welcome...
  13. Corona

    Install Erro

    Something on your server side and your setup is wrong.
  14. This is a core functions and I don't think on a custom theme will be missing, try to change those parts of your code to not block this function.
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