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  1. Rust Players

    I am just asking if someone knows a server to play :-/
  2. Rust Players

    Hello Guys i have recently started playing rust(cracked). Kinda Fun yeah. Does Anybody have their own servers in here? I'd like to join or I can make my own server too i got a vps with 16gig ram + 10gbps network
  3. GamerCore - Red | $7

    Looks clean and sleek, If its ur first skin nice ! i'd suggest work on footer maybe do something new on it
  4. TTG RIP

    Close the topic. I got the skin
  5. TTG RIP

    Envy talked with me over skype and i am waiting for his paypal he showed me a demo too pretty sleek nd stylish.. lets not make it a rage thread.
  6. TTG RIP

    I'd like to see a live demo ill buy it for sure its a reasonable price.
  7. I wanna buy TTG skin rip for my website anyone sells here for reasonable price? Hit me on skype or here i need it for IPB 3.4.6.
  8. Ok ill be doing that one from now
  9. Auto Awardings

    Recache the app & Skin too and see if all the files are in server @proper place.
  10. Yes it i might use that but will that auto demote members from their vip ranks? Thanks darius i don't use nexus anyway and yes i moved servers and later on i also re installed the hook it just worked for 2 days and countdown stopped.
  11. Well ive installed vip members application to promote and demote automatically but its not working the days are not counting down. What could be the issue? I have also tried re installing but it worked for 2 days and then no more countdowns too any help? Regards, lnsane
  12. Signature showoff

    Thanks for the pro tips i've been trying to learn smudge ill post some more of it soon infact more of pokemon's lol
  13. Learnin smudging Give ur reviews.
  14. Hello There

    Welcome karan i am an indian too if any questions for ipb always here to help.
  15. Skin Fix

    Thanks fixed and yes not hard for u but me well it takes time to understand