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  1. Hey i need some help i want to convert mybb to vbulletin 3 can anyone please help me out with the right files i need a small tutorial so i can do it myself or if some one wants i can pay that person some $ for them to help me out do it thanks
  2. I try that and didnt work i was getting a bunch of errorrs if you kno how to how much would you charge me to do it
  3. Like for example Administrator, Moderators,Members
  4. Some one with a ip board license to please get me this addon if its about the 2$ i can send them for some one to please buy this for me https://invisionpower.com/files/file/8241-forum-rank-badges-2/
  5. Hey everyone i need a quick help i did a convertion from xenforo to ip board everything went good but now im facing a little problem once i try clicking on a old thread or something i get this error: Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2S136/V Get Support
  6. Anyone one please can help me ?
  7. Yeah im trying that nothing showing Fixed it thanks to some one on another page that was so nice and explaining everything not just leave you like that
  8. In there but i don't see that ? can you tell me steps by steps
  9. Where's the postContainer i can't find that word on my theme
  10. Any one please?
  11. Can any one please be nice and help me out since this guy luca never reply back and hes always busy
  12. group-collaboration-1.3.3-full.zip Enjoyyyy
  13. You here ?????????
  14. So create a .htaccess and add that code and paste the .htaccess on the main directory ? I just added that code to a .htaccess file and posted it on the main directory and didn't work same error
  15. Can you send me the file so i can download it and tell me what do edit >?
  16. I dont have one on the main directory the one i have is on public_html/uploads
  17. So how can i fix it?
  18. Hello i need some help please i want to convert my xenforo to Ip board if any one you guys can please tell me the steps to do it i would really appreciate i just downloaded the converter from here whats next im also on xenforo 1.5 https://invisionpower.com/files/file/7814-ips4-converters/
  19. I havent touch that should be default can you like tell me an idea on how should it look like
  20. Hey there I decide to go with ip board 3.4.5 I already did the convertion im getting a few erros for like 3 things that I didn't restore: Emoticons, Attachments I get an error it asks me: The path to your XenForo installation (no trailing slash): can you help me out with that please?