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  1. Help converting

    I try that and didnt work i was getting a bunch of errorrs if you kno how to how much would you charge me to do it
  2. Help converting

    Hey i need some help i want to convert mybb to vbulletin 3 can anyone please help me out with the right files i need a small tutorial so i can do it myself or if some one wants i can pay that person some $ for them to help me out do it thanks
  3. Remove User Ranks Tittle

    Yeah im trying that nothing showing Fixed it thanks to some one on another page that was so nice and explaining everything not just leave you like that
  4. Remove User Ranks Tittle

    In there but i don't see that ? can you tell me steps by steps
  5. Remove User Ranks Tittle

    Where's the postContainer i can't find that word on my theme
  6. Remove User Ranks Tittle

    Any one please?
  7. Like for example Administrator, Moderators,Members