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  1. [Treudler] Cheap VPS

    Hey y'all. Found some cheap servers that I decided to share with you here: I'm talking about Treudler.net, a new provider which offers relatively cheap servers with a lot of storage for a cheap price. They also have KVM servers with dedicated CPU so you can host game servers. - 20% vCore @ 2,4 GHz - 192 MB RAM - 3 GB Local SSD - 100 Mbps 500GB traffic, afterwards 10mbps - 1 Public IPv4 - OpenVZ Virtualization - Anti-DDoS Pro $1.18/month - [Order Now] - 2 vCores @ i7 - 3 GB RAM - 450 GB Local HDD RAID - 200 Mbps (1 Gbps Burst) @ 5TB/mo, afterwards 10Mbps outgoing - 1 Public IPv4 + 1 Public IPv6 - KVM Virtualization - Anti-DDoS included $10.75/month [Order Now] - 6 Cores @ Dedicated i7 6700K 4.0-4.2 GHz - 32 GB RAM DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz - 150 GB Local SSD - 100 Mbps (1 Gbps Burst) - 1 Public IPv4 + 1 Internal IPv4 - KVM Virtualization - Anti-DDoS GAME $70.51/month [Order Now] If you feel like supporting me, please consider visiting Treudler via my referral link. You can use the coupon code "HALLOWEEN" for a discount.
  2. OVH VPS

    OVH is fine if you have no issues with DDoS attacks, otherwise their protection will block majority of your traffic and it isn't efficient at all.
  3. [EXPIRED]10 VPS Webhost account Giveaway

    You should learn what the term unlimited means in web hosting, it means that the hard drive is big enough that it can be classed as unlimited.
  4. What if we use Nulled Version of IPB?

    Offshore hosting is recommended for nulled IPS, so you don't get any DMCA requests from IPS.
  5. Free protection from DDoS attacks

    Hi, that's the old website, it was renamed to worldy5.biz
  6. No DMCA hosting?

    Honestly i feel as their services cannot be trusted. They use a gmail account for support and their copyright states it's until 2015. Several page errors, so no thank you.
  7. No DMCA hosting?

    Blazingfast.io - They're located in Ukraine and they ignore all DMCA
  8. Website move, missing icons

    Try the Support button in the settings, then clear the forum cache.
  9. [EXPIRED]10 VPS Webhost account Giveaway

    What i meant that providing free hosting for 1 month just 8gb is useless. I'd rather use a free hosting provider which will give you free for unlimited period of time.
  10. IPS Suite 4

    Hello. I offer free hosting which completely supports nulled IPS SwirlyHost.info
  11. [EXPIRED]10 VPS Webhost account Giveaway

    Honestly too much work for a hosting package that will end in a month.

    Localhost - only you can see it and view it. Cloud Server/VPS - anyone can access your website Of course if you meant portforward, that would be insecure.
  13. Restore anti-spam on registration

    You guys still haven't tried KeyCaptcha, they do work.
  14. You can always try my hosting. We now fully support IPS swirlyhost.info 1. We offer more storage than 15gb in our packages here 2. I have answered the SSL and SSH questions in PM. 3. There are no hidden costs. 4. We have live chat & ticket support available any time. 5. We use BoxBilling which is the cleanest one out there. 6. All our packages except our free one has more than 1 database. 7. We allow any nulled scripts and we will ignore DMCA. 8. Yes, we have add-on domains via cPanel
  15. You should try zare.co.uk cloud servers