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  1. Yeah - i'm always cautious of new versions until any/if bugs are sorted. But it does look good
  2. I am a fan of Dark themes, even on my PC and Mac - however, i offer both Dark and Light on my forums as i know the Dark themes are not for everyone
  3. Fortnite is for 12 year olds! PUBG is better by a long shot
    awesome - thanks for posting the update
  4. anything from Icehouse to Cannibal Corpse - but no country music or pop
  5. I thought that is was bought by another company and most of the original coders left and started Xenforo. The new owners are the ones that destroyed VBulletin. I paid for Vbulletin Connect 5.0 after clearly not doing enough research and relying on the vBulletin name from years ago. Big Mistake - it was sooo buggy. They dropped features that were popular and have only now just bought some of them back. Hence why i am now using IPS
  6. I dont like the IPS Commerce package. I am only using CS Cart on another site i manage and would much prefer that over the IPS package
    Thanks for the upload. It looks like a nice theme Unfortunately, it does not work for me on 4.3.
  7. I have both and use both all the time. For general use and gaming - Windows all the way. For any design work - i have the Adobe suite on my Mac and love it.
    Thank you - A really nice theme - i would also be keen on the latest 1.2.0