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    Welcome, enjoy your stay!
  2. Welcome, enjoy your stay!
  3. Welcome, enjoy your stay!
  4. Welcome back, stay active.
  5. Dusan


    Welcome, enjoy your stay.
  6. Dusan


    Welcome, enjoy your stay.
  7. Welcome, enjoy your stay.
  8. Welcome, enjoy your stay.
  9. Welcome, enjoy your stay.
  10. You can find version you need in this section. https://webflake.sx/files/category/1-ipb-34/
  11. You should upgrade it to 7.1, it will run on 5.5 too, but it's not really recommended.
  12. Make sure new database uses same character set as old one. Backup all the files from server and backup database, and try to upgrade it. If something goes wrong, you can always post here for help, or simply just revert everything you did.
  13. Welcome back, try to stay active this time.
  14. Welcome back, try to stay active this time and enjoy forum.
  15. Welcome back, stay active this time.
  16. Welcome, glad to see you back here. Good luck in learning PHP.
  17. Dusan


    Welcome, enjoy your stay.
  18. Yeah for sure it didn't come with package. It could be some text dump, maybe even malicious file. Maybe someone breached your forum.
  19. Can you check error logs in your admin panel? Could you share URL of your forum so i can preview the problem?
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