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  1. Admin Panel > Customization > Appearance > Themes, select which on which theme you want to include JS and click on I choose default just for example, you choose which ever theme you are using on your forum. Find globalTemplate, in there find <head> tag, and in between opening <head> and closing </head> paste your javascript, save and you are good.
  2. Screenshot files that you uploaded on server.
  3. Not sure, but i think you should be able to remove it via templates.
  4. Are you using php7.0.x? Also check folder permissions. Check how your forum url is defined in conf_global.php
  5. Dusan


    Version 1.0.0


    Remembrance is a simple, poppy themed design. Created for Remembrance Sunday, it features a mindful header image with most buttons and links themed in poppy colour or similar, on a simple white background. This is a very light and basic theme, created for my own site using the theme editor and hence it is offered here free of charge and with basic support. It is ideal if you are looking for a quick but attractive theme to mark the solemn remembrance occasion and coming ceremonies in your community. Tested on 4.3.6 Forums, Gallery, Blog, Downloads, Calendar and Pages. Installation Go to AdminCP > Customization Themes Add Theme > Upload Theme Choose File and then locate the downloaded Remembrance.xml file, and then click Next to upload it. Feel free to tweak to suit by using the pencil icon to edit the theme. If there are any issues with the theme, please let me know. Hope it's of use.

  6. Dusan

    IPS 4.2 Clubs

    No problem, glad i could help. You can always update your forum to a newest version and have new features.
  7. Dusan

    IPS 4.2 Clubs

    You are using version 4.1, that's why. Clubs are in 4.2 and 4.3.
  8. Hmm, maybe try different browser. If you are using Chrome, try in incognito mode, try to clear cache. Maybe something will help. Also, when you mention, be sure to click on user that appears, or it will not tag him. I don't know if list appears for you after first two times you mention someone.
  9. @Dusan @Dusan @Dusan @Dusan @Dusan @Dusan i can go endlessly.. Well, check your console in browser if it reports any errors while you are doing this.
  10. Did you check downloads section of this forum? There is bunch of them. That's what mostly this forum is about.
  11. Could you share your forum url? (If it's not for public, you can send it in private message)
  12. First delete images in "Logos" tab and then go to "Header" tab and enable "Enable Text Logo" and write what you want. After that go to Templates and find template called "logo" and replace this <div class="logos vibrate"> {{if theme.veilon_logo_icon_enable}} {{foreach explode(',',\IPS\Theme::i()->settings['veilon_logo_icon']) as $key => $icon}} <i class="fa fa-{$icon}"></i> {{endforeach}} {{endif}} </div> With <div class="vibrate"> <img src="YOUR IMAGE URL"> </div>
  13. In Admin Panel, go to Customization > Themes > Then you can go to Logos and change it, or add yours. Also all settings are located in there, so you can also check them out and see what you like or don't like.