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  1. Leave it alone, if you want to update , come here download nulled version and do update.
  2. Back in the day SMF (04-08) was best forum software ever , imo not including VB 3.x , Go with SMF, one guy actually made couple of good free themes lately for SMF and they look great, but don't expect much of software updates.
  3. I personally like dark themes, and using dark themes for all apps I can. If you going for coding community maybe go with light theme as default theme, looks more "professional", althou you should have second dark theme for users to choose if they like to.
  4. You are probably inactive atm, read the new rules about inactivity
  5. Congratulations guys Thank you for giving your free time to make this community even better!
  6. Sadly, times change, forum software are getting slowly to be thing of the past for smaller communities and only viable for targeted communities. People nowdays want one application for everything, lite and fast , discord gives them that. We had couple of guilds and it was a bitch to make people come to forums, they only wanted discord, even thou forums was responsive, worked on all devices and had live chat, imo even better then discord, it didnt work and they just did it because GM asked them to.
  7. I still remember good old VB 3.x version ... some good memories. They just got greedy and payed the price. IPS, imo, wanted to copy/paste their greed, some new pricing during 2010-2015 period was introduced comparing vB as model and with theirs forum shills they did vB comparison defending IPS, but at the end IPS had better product and managed to survive and get to the top, althou XF is no1 atm from what I was reading last and this year. Btw is vB 3.x version still active at all ? You still need to pay for 3.x version ?
  8. Just buy 1$ domain on GoDaddy when it's available for one year, usually its .info , .xyz etc.. Also you can once per account buy 0.99c .com domain.
  9. I loved IPB3 but it's in the past now, don't think about it. If you have slow server, maybe try XenForo first.
    Thank you very much for share and keeping it updated. I'm more a Joomla fan but great share!