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  1. I actually use firefox on mobile as well with addons and works decent, not fast as chrome but decent expecially new version wich was release couple weeks ago.
  2. Firefox with couple of addons does a great job.
  3. Hi and welcome Mark
  4. RE 2 was good, RE3 i was hyped about but honestly didn't bought it nor i have some wish to play it.
  5. I think there will be some latency spikes from time to time expecially for MMO players , but not too much to be unplayable.
  6. Nice to see you back Phun :).
  7. From what I saw a lot of bigger forums switched to XenForo. I love IPS, expecially for for small-medium communities. Althou themes are starting to visually lack a bit in comparison to XenForo.
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