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  1. Removing line around the photo

    I managed to solve it myself guys
  2. Removing line around the photo

    on this skin I'm using, I did not find custom.css inside the Editing Set, I tried to look in ipb_styles.css but no results. Sorry, I translated by google translator, but I copied the wrong text, you are very legual and have a support with great patience. I tried several times to remove it through CSS, but I could not get the location of the code to edit, I will be very grateful if I can get the location of the code for me to edit. My Forum Address: http://equipegtario.unaux.com/forum/ Attention: the line that is around the photo is only visible to members, feel free to register
  3. Hi everyone, I put to the photo is half round and I would like to remove this line that is around the photo, I use the skin: Dispencion 3.4x
  4. [Help] Name Skin

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to find out the name of this skin, the forum link is no longer active. Thanks in advance for all who help <3