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  1. I like Android, but i dont like Google without google Android would get 5 Stars so 3,5 Stars
  2. Monster Hunter World can not get enough, best game to hunt Monster with friends!
  3. Moin Schnulli, grüße außem Pott und viel spass beim stöbern
  4. Im done with BF, my last was Battlefield 4, i miss Medal of Honor. The Trailer of BF V is not my taste, looks to much Hollywood. But wish you guys all fun to play it
  5. The Middle - Comedy Show. Now i need to wait for next Season in my Country
  6. Hey Kamerad, hope you Enjoy the Site welcome und Viel Spass
  7. Hey Kuya, welcome and have fun here greetings to your homeland, your guys know how to play Ragnarok
  8. Welcome my friend, hope you have a great time here
  9. Hey my neighbour, hope you have a nice time here and welcome
  10. Right side of my left feet, but i never was fix it in Hospital, it have hurt, but i never have checed it was broke, after some month the hurt was gone, and the bone was formed like a little ball. Its happen if its broke, but not fix from a doctor the bone heal itself and get formed like a little round ball bone, but it look the same, but if you touch you can feel the round bone lol, i make fighting sport with my feet and legs, all work great
  11. Work on a big IPS Application for my Streaming Project. Need much Coffee at Night <3

    Works Great!