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  1. Mybb because thats look like vbulletin
  2. I will wait little time. After its come out of Beta i will jump to 4.4
  3. Not that the reason why i want. I want test something with my gameserver plugin(some login/register system). Actually this is old game and does support much so i cant play with plugin thats why i choose the easy methmod.
  4. It is possible i do it one time with older IPB(4.3) but on the latest i didnt found where is checking the password after user try login.
  5. I am currently working something and i just want to ask how i can remove the password hashing? I want to use plain text password does need hashing
  6. I have booth ios/andorid but ios looks like cleaner to use
  7. Ipboard or Xenforo better than Wordpress if you have some experiment. Wordpress just looking old..