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  1. Hey dude, any chance you could upload the latest version of Zeron here for us?


    1. James


      Please open a thread for requests! Do not use the status updates, private messaging system, Discord etc., it is not allowed.

    Absolutely stunning. Thanks a ton for this one. Any chance we could get the latest version of it, though? Theme doesn't look all that good on
  2. Let's end this, shall we? Those who think they can't take IV anymore can freely walk away from it. There's no reason to go public like this and start such a chaotic discussion about it. As for invision virus, I have to agree that signing up on a rival community's forum and taking part in what's merely said against you is most immature. If you really knew your place and had nothing to worry about, you wouldn't get in the trouble of bothering about it. However, it's clear that's not the case. Not when you keep referring to WF the way you do on your forum, when nothing of the sort has been said about you here. Not publicly, at least. People have their preferences, and no one's to try and push them to either of them in such a way. As for those nulled copies of IPS, let me say I've been running WF's version of it for longer than 7 months now with zero issues whatsoever. In short, this isn't getting us anywhere. If you wish for it to be played like so, however, we'll see who wins. Either way, coming on here to ramble on and on about who's better as well as directly or not insult the community's staff is, the way I see it, unacceptable.
  3. People like IV's Admins will always judge others in such a way. The best thing you can do is ignore them and move on. As for what they're saying about WF not providing legitimate nulled copies of IPB, no one's to believe a single word of that. Not when they're regularly accused of the same thing, that is.
  4. Enough said.
  5. Hey! Welcome to WebFlake! ^_^
  6. You would be correct. Charles posted a blog entry yesterday, explaining what will end up being affected, and how themes will have to be updated to 4.1. Last time I checked, 4.1.0 was marked as a Beta version. It's great to see it's finally out. I may now start thinking of how to get my board upgraded and the theme I'm using to be compatible with it. Let's hope that IPSFocus dev updates his themes relatively quickly ;)
  7. Hey there ;) Welcome to WebFlake! Don't hesitate to ask for assistance, whatever that might be!
  8. Are you on 4.0.12? If so, a known bug is present in that version that makes it impossible to save a group's settings once they've been changed. In order to get this one fixed, you would need to upload a patch that fixes the issue. Unfortunately, said patch doesn't seem to be available on IPS's community site anymore. Since that's the case, you're gonna want to simply upgrade to 4.0.13(.1) and just have it fixed for good.