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  1. Thanks mate!
  2. Hi

    4.2 is already there yo have a choice now of either.

  3. honestly i'm noob can you guide me how to do that. also is there anyway i can show signature to guest.
  4. that will take decades as i have more than 20k images on site.Any other effective way?
  5. IPB have very bad linking for uploaded image. This is really bad for SEO Is it possible to make uploaded image like this this will be more meaningful. Any help will be highly appreciated!
  6. not working for me
  7. Its showing column wise how can be done like row wise
  8. Skype: test its only showing content part: "test" not this part: "Skype: " how can be done like row wise
  9. What about the hover info?
  10. Please share you website link, also you are having the problem in frontend and backend both places?
  11. Disable all your plugins and enable them one by one and let me know
  12. No worries dear
  13. I don't think there is any issue with files. Just clean site cache as well clean browser cookies.
  14. I was wondering, how can i do that, like when some one hover on skype button it shows the info submitted by user
    Thank you so much!