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  1. Hello Web Flake Users & or Staff, My Problem : I'm here to ask for help in trying to change the member ID sequence prior to its last ID. I have 4 Current members 1) Members 1 | ID = 1 |Admin 2) Members 2 | ID = 2 |User 3) Members 3 | ID = 3 |User 4) Member 4 | ID = 196 |User Example : In relation to this img above I understand how to change the IDs I just dont want the IDs to be different each time a new member is made I would like to make sure that each member has there IDs matching the correct way not mixed up.
  2. Hello Web-flake I'm here to ask for help with how to change the text and format of the settings page. The red boxes is what I would like to mainly change 1) I would like to change the text showing up with "Manage you account setting etc" 2) I would like to change the way the sections are categorised
  3. What are the benefits out of this if i may ask ?
  4. Nice work looks like your always posting some good content
  5. Wondering if anyone can share this file link below as well as pictures Link -
  6. This works as well but this is if your editing the actual code behind but thank you @sebastiancgames And not to be rude but no need to be rude to people like that on webflake my eyes are fine and in this case if your stating that my eyes are not ok then you basically saying this to anyone that cant find something as easy as others. This has been answered by two people ( @YuriSuki & @sebastiancgames )
  7. This worked thank you everyone that helped and thank you @YuriSuki THIS WORKED
  8. ive tried to look for this but could not locate where the file would be which is what im trying to ask where I can locate on where to edit the text
  9. The answer you have provided is not the answer I wanted but is the answer for the text in the middle with out the pointed arrows pointing at it. This is to change the actual text in the middle. The text im and buttons im looking to change is shown where the arrows are pointing @sebastiancgames Thank you for trying to help.
  10. Hello Webflake Community I'm here to ask how to change IPB Offline tex and buttons shown in this picture below I would also like to add a countdown timer this would be even better if the timer would auto turn back the site online after countdown is complete.
  11. Hello, WebFlake, I have ipb 4.3 I was wondering how can I change the is currently unavailable text. <<< Invision Power Board is currently unavailable >>>
  12. Question #1 : - Basically, if a user registers onto the site and enters in the info needed to make an account there is a field we added in called ( CPU Key ) We have added this as a custom field, So by default this will be towards the default members group in this case we have changed the default group name to modders. Here is a small introduction on what im talking about: =============================================================== - Default Group when signed up is - - - > ( --- ( Members Group ) --- ) - - - - Changed Name to - - - - - > ( Modders ) #1 You will only be able to sing up as a modder if you have entered in a CPU Key. _________________________________________________________________________________ So since the default members group was changed to the name modders. Ive made a new group called ( members ) ( --- ( Members Group ) --- ) - - - - > ( Name for Group ) - - - - - > ( Members ) =============================================================== As you can see ive only swapped the groups. My PROBLEM : The problem is if a user does not enter in a CPU Key I want them to be moved into the group ( MEMBERS ). =============================================================== I will show you via discord on what I mean as for now here is a picture below if they enter CPU key this will let them sing up as a modder. if they don't enter I want them to be auto put in a different group called members
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