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  1. Do both. Have your SSL certificate on your server (cPanel) and then enable CloudFlare's SSL modes (I think it's Strict?) so that only SSL connections are allowed through. It's perfect and simple and you get the best of both worlds.
  2. Erme

    Good hosts

    I currently use IPB's cloud hosting, though before that when I was running on XenForo, I sued DigitalOcean's servers and never had a problem with them!
  3. Eh. It's alright. I was hoping for a bit more - I feel like all they did was implement things that were already able to be implemented via mods. I mean, they took off at least three mods from ThemeHouse. They also took some things from IPB's playbook and implemented it, like the new node templates for "discussions" and "questions" - etc. Not their best work.
  4. Hi all! I wanted to introduce to you my webmaster community! We have had several charity events and have raised well over $2,000 for COVID-19 front line workers, Alzheimer's Association, and we currently have one going now to support Autism! Forumer.io Webmaster Community has been around since November of last year, and has grown tremendously. We recently just switched from XenForo over to IPB 4.5 - so I'm looking for feedback on the overall look and feel of the new theme. You can check out the the full community here: https://forumer.io See ya there.
  5. I cannot wait for Flarum to come out of development, it'd be nice to see what people can use out of it. Discourse and IPB have to be my choices, Discourse's functionality is amazing and IPB is more customizable than any others I have used, including Xenforo.
  6. Hey! I was wondering which template in IPB I need to edit to add something under the copyright. I'm looking to add my theme copyright, but I cannot find where the template is. Any help? Thanks! ^_^
  7. Found it, nevermind. :) Templates >> Forums >> Post Container
  8. I'm having the same issue, only the issue is on my profile. :(
  9. I'm hoping someone here can help me. I would like to re-organize the mini-profile, however when I go into the templates of the theme I have no idea where it's located. Could anyone help direct me to the template where it has all the variables for the mini-profile? Thanks. :)
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