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  1. Bienvenido, ojala que la pases bien como la pasé yo en el foro y también al crear la sección de servers con Phun jaja
  2. Version 1.4.64


    GameCP is a web-based PHP & MySQL control panel for game & voice servers. You could call it a 'game panel', 'game control panel', 'game hosting control panel', 'game server control panel', 'gameserver panel' or 'game server panel' but we like to call it GameCP. This nulled release permits you to have 9999 Windows machines and 9999 Linux machines. Also has AddOn for Removal Copyright notice Demo:

  3. It's a virtual CPU, you can't use 100% of a REAL core. Minecraft uses a lot of disk and ram (read/write - loading and creating chunks)
  4. Well, Hosted in Netherlands, use upstream provider and own IPS and ASN (cuz they are the same guys running dotsi), high privacy and allow anything except malware, phishing, childporn. Plus they have 980 gbps protection layer3-4 (We talked via ticket) Hosted in Romania, on with own IP and ASN. I talked with Cristian and Chris, both told me that allow warez, what includes nulled software and torrent site. They have 50gbps protection layer 3-7 (We talked via ticket and live chat) EDIT: I used both of them EDIT2: Not totally sure about Blazingfast, on his website 'Acceptable Use Policy' Prohibited Uses of BlazingFast Systems and Services: 1. Transmission, distribution or storage of any material in violation of any applicable law or regulation is prohibited. This includes, without limitation, material protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property right used without proper authorization, and material that is obscene, defamatory, constitutes an illegal threat, or violates export control laws. Hostmaze:
  6. I'm using a HostUS vps with Sentora just for receive emails, you can send emails but Google or 90% providers will reject your emails because of DKIM, SSL and headers. For send emails or 'bussiness' email I use cPanel, with dkim and ssl for the subdomain.
  7. I generally use Debian or Ubuntu, Try to use EPEL repo or change your centos mirror
  8. Hello , Requeriments: VPS or Dedicated Server+256MB RamThis time i'm using VPS of , 1gb ram - 100 hdd disk - 1 core - Ubuntu 12.04 x64 Before Installing Sentora Install Sentora (Supported OS) My installation: Ubuntu OS: apt-get remove apache2 apt-get remove bind9 wget && bash install Set TimeZone Set DNS, ex: Set External IP: ex: Press YCentOS: yum remove httpd yum remove bind yum update && yum install wget && wget && bash install Set TimeZone Set DNS, ex: Set External IP, ex: Press YNow , wait 5 minutes or more , Sentora now is installing needed packages and configuring it Yeah , installed: Now you need to restart server , Press Y Now go to the control panel: Adding first domain Domain -> Domains Insert a website: Wait a few minutes and ready: IF YOU WANT MANAGE DNS WITH SENTORA PANEL Go to Domain -> DNS Manager Press Edit -> Press Create Records That's all. I don't go to show , that's connected with cloudflare and is other website. If you want to add FTP user go to File > FTP Accounts If you add files to website via [email protected] connect: /var/sentora/hostdata/zadmin/
  9. I created this tutorial for be aware about SSH Brute Force attacks Go to your VPS (Linux Ubuntu) [email protected]:~# apt-get install nano && nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config Change it to a number above 40000 for more security [email protected]:~# service ssh restart ssh stop/waiting ssh start/running, process 11065 If you want more security Now create other account (no root obviously) for use "su" command and use root user. [email protected]:~# useradd connect-bridge [email protected]:~# passwd connect-bridge Enter new UNIX password: Retype new UNIX password: passwd: password updated successfully Change PermitRootLogin to no [email protected]:~# service ssh restart ssh stop/waiting ssh start/running, process 11065Now for connect to you server change the SSH Port and connect with connect-bridge , type password and now type "su" and type the root password.
  10. Desert

    Need server advice

    I'm retired on this forum
  11. Version 1.0.0


    desertupload//Get your custom image hosting websiteChevereto is a powerful image hosting script that allows you to create a beautiful image hosting website in minutes. Demo:

  12. ​I never used that. DNS Records works fine , if you use cloudflare simply you don't create dns records and manage all through CloudFlare , and yeah , all DNS records are available. A friend uses it with ~10 clients , i can't send the provider :( Generally if you put a DNS record ( to the IP of the CP , that show the control panel, except if you have a sentora account linked to that domain.
  13. Firefox with TrackMeNot - HTTPS Everywhere and Ghostery
  14. Hello , i'm Desert. I have 15 years old and I'm from Chile , South America. I speak spanish I will be uploading files to webflake , php scripts nulled and codecanyon scripts. Soon i will create tutorials for Wowza Media Server crack , TeamSpeak server crack , GRE Tunnel set-up and a lot more. Ignore my bad english. Example:
  15. Off: Those words are really meaningless and out of context
  16. Seeing code , this says "ajax get" to url /___ , i don't know how it works.
  17. ​Welcome to WebFlake! In light of past issues involving unethical business practice and dysfunctional websites, we no longer allow the advertising of hosting services by regular members however your tutorials and releases would still be accepted with open arms! See here for more information: Kingy I know about advertising of hosting , I've read the rules and guidelines. Thanks <3
  18. Version 1.0.0


    desertupload//Social Network PlatformphpDolphin is the best way to create your own social network or online community in just 5 minutes without any special knowledge. Demo:

  19. I copied source-code of BlazingFast.IO Hosting , I don't tested it
  20. Among all the servers I have , I want to sell offshore / bulletproof hosting Off: Habla en inglés si no despues los mod molestan
  21. Version 1.0.0


    List directories :3

  22. Version 4.0


    Chat software built using jquery that allow user to chat in 3 different ways. Boomchat only contain 1 page and dont need any page reload for both main chat and private chat. Boomchat contain lot of uniques features that give full control to user and admin.