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  1. Someone Guide section IPS

    Hello i want to know if someone know how to make a guide section like IPS .. it will be peacefull
  2. Server Mail complete

    thank phun
  3. Server Mail complete

    Hi i just want to know how to configure a mail server on debian or if someone know how to do that..
  4. Display Whole Article

    thanks for the help, but it didn't really work yes because i was thinking its on ips4 but no its on ips3 :)
  5. i cant delete a block

    i got a problem i cant delete a block :( someone can help me
  6. How to change number of Recent Topic hook

    oups sorry its true i didnt see the 3.X if u put ur block code here i can change for u
  7. How to change number of Recent Topic hook

    Create a block with 10 :) and will work : )
  8. The problem

    i got this problem before ... i just update... and now its good :)
  9. IPS Community Suite 4

    for the version 4.0 u need minimum 5.3 i think but its recomanded 5.4 if u installl 4.1 u need a minimum of 5.4 ... the 5.3 is not supported anymore ...
  10. Hi everyone, im looking to make my own theme... but i dont want to change everytime in the css im trying to make option in the theme... like this : but when im trying to do ... nothing happen this is my option this is the customs parts : and this is my CSS .ipsAppSidebar_sign{ border: 1px solid #0E4250; background-color:#737e85; padding:30px 60px; color:{theme="color_text"}; text-align:center; background-image: url({resource="d0e70b4cbb9ab8afb1bc1065a3f8487a_signin.jpg" app="core" location="global"} )!important; background-size:cover; }someone can help me ??
  11. Hi gang if u want test a upgrade from to 4.1 u need to add in your constants.php this line :) define('USE_DEVELOPMENT_BUILDS', TRUE);

    this is the best ways to get a background in full page i think :O
  13. Changing the color of the widgets bar

    i dont know How u do to change only the Tip ... but maybe try to reupload ur theme because u can change all with the tutorial i show to u.. i try ... Look its work :D
  14. can see ur forum link ? to see what to delete.. ?
  15. Changing the color of the widgets bar

    go in ACP -> Personalisation -> Apearance -> Themes -> Click on the Pencil at the right In the top u will see a Navigation bar Go to Front-End Colors and Find -­> Widget Title Bar And go at the bottom of the page and click on SAVE and ur widjet will be a another color if u want change the color of the text go on the </> button in ur custom.css add this line .ipsWidget.ipsWidget_vertical .ipsWidget_title { color: #fff !important; }