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  1. Nope, the desing is awesome ^^, is for sell? I like it x)
  2. Is awesome, but the theme is minecraft... The fire is not good icon to the forums... I think ^^'...
  3. Version


    Install: 1) First install the addon 2) Install the Widget Framework 3) Install the theme 4) navigate to Appearance -> Import Widgets, then upload the file rekt_homepage_widgets.xml included with Rekt, which installs the Rekt widgets. If you know how activate the header slider please tell me ;) enjoy :) Demo:

  4. Version 1.0.3


    Elegant and vibrant, Agile brings xenForo to life. Its minimal approach places focus on what matters most, the content. (work good in 1.0.5 ^^)

  5. Undertake Ideas and play VideoGames <3 Will you marry me?Once they told me, if she likes Skyrim do not let go xD (Only Erza) n.n
  6. ​Thank you, I found the error, the "Group Formatting" did not close properly the "strong" and caused the error, again thank you very much.
  7. Hello everyone, thanks for your help, look at the error: I appreciate your help.
  8. Is it possible to upload a file an updated version that already exists? Pandora Theme For example I have updated.
  9. Gensis

    theme Pandora

    Excelent Theme, please version 1.2.0 compatible with ips 4.0.7