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  1. The permissions are fine, nothing has been modified about it. I will continue looking, if I find the solution I will publish it or if someone knows how to solve the problem please inform, thank you.
  2. Hello, A few days ago this problem occurs in my forum, before it did not happen. The error is sometimes presented, when wanting to create a new topic, answer or quote. 403 Forbidden Access to this resource on the server is denied! Can anyone have any idea how to solve it please. Greetings.
  3. I was looking and the problem is the theme, in any other it works without problems. I'll have to find the last update of thema to see if that is solved.
  4. Thank you very much, it will be useful to me.
  5. I use Topic Viewed by Users 3, the weird thing is that it works with other themes but with the theme fline it does not work
  6. I use IPS v4.3.5 with Theme FLine v1.0.7
  7. Thank you very much, it looks very good
  8. Hello, how can I make the "Topic Viewed by Users" plugins work? It only works on some themes, my theme currently does not work.
  9. great is what I need, thanks
    In IPB 4.1.15 fails to remove a topic "The CSRF protection key did not match. This may indicate a plugin or theme is out of date. Please contact technical support for more information. Código de error: 2S119/1" As I can resolve this error or I have to wait to upload a new version