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  1. what you mean work with wordpress ssl?
  2. Wordpress require big databais how to optimize that ?
  3. 100 % 4.3 its aweso administration and ather staff the best forum system i ever tested ...
  4. Hello users and staff i like your forum but that inactive staff is enoing ... in forums is restricted to comunicate and every month we need to think what to post and dont post spam ... the reason is ?
    Can you update to lastest Version 1.1.12 ?
  5. You can set premissions who can comunikate ans see chat and thats it ...
  6. Need to create plugin ....
  7. Got telegram hendler can enyone modificate for 4.3 version ? handler compatible vith 4.1
    Eny documentation how to setup?
  8. are you stil ot the lice
  9. Thank you man you o0wsom !