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  1. Hello I am just wondering if this is possible. Description: I would like the user to purchase from the IPS store to then be redirected to the verification page. Only if the payment went through. Once cleared, and confirmed. The user is then placed into the new user group. Data, SDK and API you can use: https://docs.verifai.com/web-sdk/#verifai-web-sdk
  2. Hello, I have two problems that I'd hope one of you lovely people here can fix for me. 1) I have updated my SSL many times and https on my website is working flawlessly, expect I cannot use "SSL Strict", only "SSL Full" on Cloudflare. 2) Fixed! : ) Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thank you! I fixed my "2)"
  3. Sure! I'll keep it brief. Sidebar hook. 'Develop a sidebar application using our PSD files and in-depth documentation. We will then need a backend panel built in the ACP, we'll need this panel so we can customise the data.' Absolutely everything with regards to this, is documented in-depths on our Trello board for our developers. I believe you can complete the task if you know a bit about how IPB works. We always have 10+ tasks a month on our Trello board that is very in-depth and all designed by our media team. Some are big, some are small. Send me a mes
  4. Ah right I got confused! Our site is invite only so I thought a user could just bypass that and log in with there Discord instead of the traditional way, but it will only work if the user is already a member with a synced account?
  5. Tried using it but I'd rather not allow users to log in with there Discord, possible to disable that?
  6. Hey guys I'm just wondering what you think is the best discord bot? Because I'm in the market for one. I ideally would like it to do the following: - Auto sync forum display name to discord server. - If a member is banned, = ban from the discord server., - Only allow members from the community to join and have full access to the Discord server. - Only allow a "VIP" usergroup from the forum that syncs to the "VIP" role on the discord server that correlates with there IP.Nexus subscription. (So I can let paying members view a different text channel) Look forw
  7. I am still actively looking for more and more developers. Please come through!
  8. Hey guys I am wondering what the best option is to port my files from my live site to my test site would be? I have tried dragging and dropping using FTP but it seems to cause all kind of chaos haha
  9. Hey guys just wanted to ask you all how you give access to any developer that needs access to the backend of your platform, we use IPB combined with a good backend system already, just wanted to seek other ideas.
  10. It keeps giving my test account endless of the same award
  11. Hello, Can someone please tell me how I can use the "automation-rules-full" application? The rule I'd like to set is this: I would like a rule set for when a user gets put into a group they are then automatically awarded with an award.