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  1. Hello so I have clients sign up to our community using the store however when the user purchases a subscription there first and last name becomes there username?
  2. It's an NDA. We like to give our developers the right access without getting in there way.
  3. beano

    IPS 4.3 URL problem

    It's installed under "/public_html/public" maybe I should shift it all in just /public_html/ ?
  4. beano

    IPS 4.3 URL problem

    Hello, How can I remove the "forum" from my community url: /forums/forum/5-announcements/ Because when I click on a topic it does change to this /forums/topic/4903-how-to-use-features/ I have done some customisation such as made pages default application as we have a homepage. We we have changed /home into "index.html".
  5. Dear Community, I run a game community that is very active within the scene. We are looking for a new web dev to come and take the community forward. What you will work on: IPB4 Applications. (Example: Designing a panel built into the settings page that can be seen to X user groups) PHP for API's. (Modifying existing code) Theme Editing. (small html and js) Execute other frontend and backend tasks. Must be: Familiar with IPB4 community development. Reliable and always on-time. Write quality and reusable code. Able to communicate in English. Willing to submit a CV and sign a legal document for access. Able to accept payments via PayPal. Contact: Personal message me here on Webflake. Kind regards, -B
  6. Yeah very nice! hello friend.
  7. Nice to see you here!
  8. Thank you guys for your inputs. I have already found someone that fits my needs perfectly.
  9. Dear Community, We are looking for another developer who can come and take the lead of managing and developing projects at request. (Base: IPB4 Applications, Hooks, Custom PHP code, and Theme Editing) Must be: Familiar with IPB4. Had experience before, Reliable. Active. We can discuss an hourly rate or 'price per project'. Please add me personally on Discord: Kind regards, -B
  10. Hello, Couple of things: - How to generate a table via the Table helper (similar to the one in the ACP Members page). Trying to create one from scratch messes up on the responsive view. - Adding routes when developing plugins, specifically for the Account Settings page stuff. - Pagination + tables, how to take data from the DB and display it in a paginated table, or at the very least, paginated ul/ - How to handle Ajax request calls to certain routes, both in the frontend and backend code
  11. Thank you for your response, overall I have no problems with anything else. All the best!
  12. I think it's a good step but, I pay for something to come back and download the updates. However I'm forced to make a couple of posts before I can access my paid files isn't so flattering.
  13. Dear Community, * My price is: $50-$200 varying on the Time/Quality. Please message me on Webflake for contact information if you think you are capable of doing such task.
  14. Being a custom hook, and alot of work has been put into this, I'd rather not share the code sorry! However if some higher up would like to check on our ACP, they are more then welcome. NVM fixed it!