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  1. 4.2 is better... more functionality and is responsive, more security and you have now many applications and plugins compatible. So if I was you, I get the 4.2 version.
  2. Hi, A simple tips for add fontawesome's icon on the sidebar title. Before After Very simple to add this. Just just edit the template widget for your sidebar. > Customization > Themes > Edit HTLM and CSS "</> important : do not edit the original skin by ips. If you want use the original skin, you need to copy it before. Today's birthday Templates > calendar > widgets > todaysBirthdays Find <h3 class='ipsType_reset ipsWidget_title'>{lang="block_todaysBirthdays"}</h3> Remplace by <h3 class='ipsType_reset ipsWidget_title'><i class="fa fa-birthday-cake"></i> &nbsp;{lang="block_todaysBirthdays"}</h3> Upcoming Events Template > calendar > widgets > upcomingEvents Find <h3 class='ipsType_reset ipsWidget_title'>{lang="block_upcomingEvents"}</h3> Remplace by <h3 class='ipsType_reset ipsWidget_title'><i class="fa fa-calendar-o"></i> &nbsp;{lang="block_upcomingEvents"}</h3> Topics Template > forums > widgets > topicFeed Find <h3 class='ipsWidget_title ipsType_reset'>{$title}</h3> Remplace by <h3 class='ipsWidget_title ipsType_reset'><i class="fa fa-comment"></i> &nbsp;{$title}</h3> Posts Template > forums > widgets > postFeed Find <h3 class='ipsType_reset ipsWidget_title'>{$title}</h3> Remplace by <h3 class='ipsType_reset ipsWidget_title'><i class="fa fa-comments"></i> &nbsp;{$title}</h3> You can change others widgets sidebar you just need to add the code before the title. You can change size and color with this code remplacement : <i class="fa fa-calendar fa-lg" style="font-size: 1.33333333em;line-height: 0.1em;vertical-align: -15%;color: #fff;"></i> For see all fontawesome icon you can visit this website : Just click on your icon what you want for the code :
  3. Yes, no worries Rekoboy (my english is not very good). I just say : "me too I have the same problem before. Just add manually fields "summary" and "status" in the step 28 and 29 in the tutorial's nervodx.
  4. @waltreto : moi aussi j'avais le même soucis que toi, il te faut les rajouter manuellement en suivant la suite du tutoriel de Nervodx du chapitre 28 et 29 pour ajouter "summary" et status". ;)
  5. I'm french too ;) Je peux essayer de t'aider si tu veux :) Tu as quoi comme soucis ?
  6. Yes, thank otecko for the fix and thank you for this tutorial ;)
  7. Just perfect ++++ Thank you very much for your help
  8. yes it is what I do (I think and if I understand) : Here my id for status field : fields&database_id=2&do=form&id=13the number id is 13 So, in RecordRow template, I have 2 line to change, correct ? This line appear twice in the template, I just remplace your ID by my ID : {{if $row->fieldValues()['field_13'] == '4'}}It's good ? Because no work when I go on the feature plan : Just the status not appear, the rest work fine.
  9. In first, download the plugin if you want online indicator show on the profil user in the topics : Now, go in your ACP ---> Customization ---> Themes Click on "</>" for edit the HTML and CSS On the CSS tab, open the custom.css and add this : /* Online indicator - change color and size */ .ipsOnlineStatus, .ipsOnlineStatus_online { color: #249168; font-size: 13px; }Save it. Example : before After
  10. I have the same issue, status won't display. Any help/idea ? Thanks ;)
  11. Hi, Just a small introduction, because I don't know what say here and because my english is poor sorry :( I'm french. I read you since many month ago. I just register here since 5 weeks and just to do my introduction today (it's bad I know and sorry for that) --' When I have the time I love create design (with photoshop), I already create icons ad folders for mac customization. You can see my work in deviantart (eg : "flader" pack). I'm not an active user just I like read forum but if I see a member need help in this forum I will happy to propose my help (if I can). Thank you and see you later in this forum. Happy day for all ;)