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  1. Google chrome, never used anything else. Beside when Chrome didn't exist, then I used internet explorer.
  2. Welcome Sucks you lost your account.
  3. Kabouterplob


    Haven't had any issues with them and been using them for around 2-3 years now, great customer support if you call them.
  4. Kabouterplob

    Non-USA VPS

    Use OVH I've used them for a long while and Im positive about their service.
  5. This website: does anyone know what base theme or theme they are using, i really like it. this is a repost of my first question from like 3 months ago, but forgot that i had it here. If anyone know's the theme, please let me know.
  6. Is this possible at all, because it says the language (english) is locked, and i can't seem to disable it or remove the language selection. Any tips or can anyone tell me how to do it please? nevermind, blindly not seen. Sorry for the useless post.
  7. This website: does anyone know what base theme or theme they are using, i really like it.
  8. I need to disable these: exec, system, pcntl_exec, popen, proc_open, shell_exec I have my own dedicated server, so I have root access, access to the php.ini file etc, but Im not sure which files I have to go to for each thing. and what I have to look for for each function. If anybody would be willing to help, i'd really appreciate it.
  9. hey everyone, once I post i can post a topic on my forum, but if my friend tries or somebody else tries to post he gets this error: does anyone know what this has to do, and how i can solve it?