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  1. It's not bad! Thanks a ton for your effort tho! :) Fullfilled!
  2. Hello, Can somebody get me this template : http://themeforest.net/item/oscend-creative-agency-html-template/14334215?s_phrase=agency&s_rank=20 ? Thanks!
  3. Yup, as CookieMonster said.. In your case it would be http://www.718savagescape.xyz/index.php?/search/&type=core_members ;p
  4. Oh shit didn't know that :P (Im not that good with IPB ^^) I edited the post ^^ Was already afraid that most of the people will hate this tutorial :P I'm glad you liked it gheghe!
  5. I think it's because you have the latest version, which isn't compitable yet with the theme you've installed xD Check the link where you've downloaded the theme, and check on which versions it's working :P
  6. Hello, This might be a stupid and small tutorial, but maybe there are a few people who would like this ;p. As you guys know IPS removed the "Member" list page. If you still want a list or something to see all the members of the community/forum, what you could do is go to ACP > System > Site Features - Menu Manager. You could add a External link which refers to: www.yourdomain.com/search/?type=core_members titled "Members" or whatever you want. Example: So if you do http://webflake.sx/search/?type=core_members (Click on it, and you'll see ^^) you can see a list of members and you also can search members. Just copy paste the last part of the url :P.
  7. ​There is a shoutbox actually, you just can't see it yet :3 ​Lmfao, well thank you for the information :P !! Haha. Oh god, 50 posts :X
  8. How long do we have to wait for the shoutbox if I may ask ^^? Would like that on the forum
  9. Looks amazing. Did you sticked it on your wall already? Could you share a picture with us ^^?
  10. Post could be closed. Authors of the theme helped me out ^^
  11. I would like to know, how to change these buttons in the theme " http://cohhe.com/demo/autorepair/services/ " Anyone? ^^
  12. Could anyone help me out? (Maybe teamviewer or something?)
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