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  1. IPS 4.2 Store page 404 error

    4.2.7 ? commerce doesnt work for me
  2. CometChat Platinium Nulled Instructions

    RTFM Bako ;-)
  3. Version 10


    About This File Version 8 is the last version to support 4.1.19.x or lower. Click the change log button below and select Version 8 if you need it. This plugin forces user links to display member group color/formatting. This applies in all places where the \IPS\Member object is used to produce links to a member. With Version 3, this plugin now supports Search and Stream results with some caveats. Any changes to the Core - System - searchResults template will likely break this plugin, at least as far as those pages go (but if they break you'll probably need to disable this entirely). There seem to be some systemic problems with theme hooks within this template (or at least while IN_DEV) so I needed to grab most of the template to do what needed to be done. This template needs to be fiddled with due to the fact that IPS does not use the \IPS\Member object in Search and Stream result creation but rather fetches a handful of fields from the member database directly. This results in the author/member names being dumped in as plain text and formatted with language keys. I had to force-feed group formatting into the mix and then change all the language calls to allow for html to parse correctly. You will notice that possessives are NOT formatted (i.e. Flitterkill's topic, etc...) You'll have to live with that until I get drunk enough to want to bother with accounting for possessives. It will not be "fun". On profile view, your status update name remains unformatted but replies are formatted. Also keep in mind that your user name in the cover photo and also on profile hovercards (when you cursor over a username/photo and the mini profile appears) - those usernames remain unformatted and probably should remain that way. See below. If you are wondering why some areas do not have formatted names and others do that is because there are many different ways the userlink is created throughout the suite. If the IPS\Member object is used specifically the group color will be applied automatically. In EVERY other instance additional coding is required. Sometimes easy, other times not. This remains UNSUPPORTED! You can shoot me a PM if there are problems (or if that template gets changed) but do not expect instantaneous fixes/support. What's New in Version 10 Released Saturday at 09:30 PM 10.0 Online Users page now supported.
  4. Search by Relevancy Error

    it's fixed in 4.2.7
  5. IPS 4.2 4.2.7. Upgrade issue

    LoL, serious thinking about that yeah.. any good recommandation?
  6. IPS 4.2 4.2.7. Upgrade issue

    I try to upgrade my site to the new version but i get this error: 5C289/1 The upgrader uses PHP sessions to store data, however PHP sessions are currently not working correctly on your server. This is an issue you will need to contact your host about. My host says they ain't gonna fix it.. is there a work around for this ? Thanks in advance
  7. Need Help With This,Quick

    Does it happen with default as well? in your theme play with javascript inclusion settings:
  8. Need Help With This,Quick

    are you on cloudflare ?
  9. Need Help With This,Quick

    Minimize css? rocketloader on cloudflare? turn it off and try again
  10. CometChat Platinium Nulled Instructions

    ah cool :-) Is it save to use webcams? it's goung through their servers
  11. CometChat Platinium Nulled Instructions

    works okay on my localhost... does it have a option to clcik a chattersname and open his profilepage ?
  12. Search by Relevancy Error

    same here, following