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  1. Voilà ce que cela me donne quand je clique sur le menu catégorie, j'ai pu comprendre que certaines tables on était supprimé comme "g_access_cp" qui se trouvait dans "core_groups".
  2. Hello, I am under IP.board 4.3 and I would like to install the Clan Wars 2.0.2 application but once the application installed my site goes into "error 500" so I would like to understand why. Is it because the application is not updated for IPB version 4.3?
  3. Please help me, my problem to display the players and maps is still not solved, I look for maps, the folder that informs the image / name of maps does not exist so I I have created but nothing changes: / and for connected players I do not see where it can come from, would someone help me? url :
  4. I managed to add the servers but only since the database, but I have a new problem it does not show me the number of connected player and it also indicates: most player 0 (January 1, 1970). I followed the subject there to correct the display of the players but nothing makes it ..
  5. Version 2.0.2


    Clan Wars Is a complete "Pages" database setup, Created and designed for gaming websites to add clan wars, Personal matches. Beautiful and super responsive design to show the matches in Listing and Display template, A block Widget to show upcoming matches anywhere on your website. Also a plugin to change all the colors. demo :

  6. you can add it from the editor or you write the text by adding the tag [hide] [/ hide] toolbar> Add a button in HTML you write the tag.
  7. Hello, Yesterday I install the theme STEAM on my forum ( for a video game team "counter-strike: condition zero" but I have a little worries level smiley that are not at the good size and on the topics we see the 5 smileys to give a positive point.
  8. Thank you, closed topic please.
  9. Hello, I have a problem adding a server to the "Server List 3.0.4" application that shows me the following error message: There was a problem with adding a server. Check that the server address (without port) is not added to the firewall and whether it is provided required query port. Information serveur : IP : Name : Game : Counter-strike : condition zéro
  10. Hello, I would like to know if there is a parameter to hide the outline of images in .png format url :
  11. Hello, I'm Clément, I'm 23 years old and I'm a boilermaker. I master a little html / css, so sometimes I find various templates, that I adapt under another theme to share. I am also a fan of graphics with photoshop CS6, I realize webdesign, photo editing, etc. I regularly visit your site to improve my video game emulation forum.
  12. Peut-on re-upgrade une base de donnée ? Pourtant sur mon compte Administrateur, je n'ai pas de problème mais sur les comptes des membres avant la mise à jour oui. Donc c'est un peu compliqué comme problème.
  13. yes I tried with the default theme. Yet the table is there in the database. Unfortunately, it does not work anymore since I updated the forum in 4.3.6
  14. Hello, I upgrade to 4.3.6 my version and since I have a problem with the forum messaging, but the problem only reaches for members who already have messages. on the other hand, the messaging is working properly. OutOfRangeException: (0) #0 /home/mcgfcqfr/public_html/applications/core/modules/front/messaging/messenger.php(397): IPS\Patterns\_ActiveRecord::load(NULL) #1 /home/mcgfcqfr/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(96): IPS\core\modules\front\messaging\_messenger->manage() #2 /home/mcgfcqfr/public_html/system/Content/Controller.php(50): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #3 /home/mcgfcqfr/public_html/applications/core/modules/front/messaging/messenger.php(71): IPS\Content\_Controller->execute() #4 /home/mcgfcqfr/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(146): IPS\core\modules\front\messaging\_messenger->execute() #5 /home/mcgfcqfr/public_html/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #6 {main}