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  1. i think i love you today. thanks. Ηow to install it?
  2. Is there any way to add pop up windows?? on main index for any user that comes?? If there is also and mod/app send it to me here please, thanks!
  3. Hello, from where i can edit the default forum icon?? like webflake...with my own fa- Thanks.
  4. ooooook, it's ok...was from theme, i chekced the default code so i have fix it on mine too! - Can be locked.
  5. I just did it, send me a pm if you want to download it.
  6. Andrew™


    it's not working for 4.1x
  7. Thank you all, yes the original theme is here: You liked the template? you can purchase it here: https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7522-red/ as you can read on my topic. The diferrence is: Colors, some styling, userTopic info edits, and some more. i was offline for 2 months so i don't have any update yet, i will start working on it again after 1 week, since il be offline again. Have fun! -Regards
  8. Thank you :) Hah :) i like the dark more, you can play with more styling & colors... thank you :)
  9. Thank you :) It's because this is the first preview...now the full infopanel and all other styling things have been upgraded as i have plan, latest preview will be posted in 1-2 days here. :) and will be available live also. Thanks :)
  10. Just upgraded my community to 4.0.11 (Latest) theme has been upgraded to work on it and all apps perfect! Full theme has been improoved, team icons, profile, etc are almost finished. Photos will come soon!
  11. Glad you liked it! you need to see it on 25/5 how will be :) this post will be updated too with latest preview.
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