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    Repair of displaying current players on the server: Go to ftp: /domains/ upload and replace attach Native.php
  1. Yes, this is problem with web host. Change it.
  2. currently I have installed (GS) Server List 3.1.4 and the problem is with displaying on a mobile device.
  3. how to fix table txt resize on mobile? GS Server List 3.1.2
  4. Solved go to mood_display_member_view and replace <dt>{xen:phrase mood}:</dt> <dd><xen:include template="mood_display" /></dd> to <dl> <dt>{xen:phrase mood}:</dt> <dd><xen:include template="mood_display" /></dd> </dl>
    I have 1.2 version Demo here :-)
  5. How to fix this (XenMoods 1.1.3) screen from Profile user. XF 1.5.15