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  1. Top +5: Lucifer The Vampire's Diary Smallville Money Heist The 100
  2. Oh yes, the problem was the permissions, didn't realize of it, thanks Killshandra .
  3. Hi community, I'm having a question about Status Updates. Since the last update of IPB I've not seen the Recent Status Updates box (The one that appears in the middle right), neither the bar of Activity to write on other profiles. How can I solve this?
  4. Hello, Might you change my name to KJZ please?

    1. Davlin


      Name changes are reserved for donators only.

    2. TheChaoz


      Oh never mind then, thanks for replying.

  5. @John666M Well, I shall you pass the link to my forum by private message, first register and then I'll give you admin so you can access the ACP =)
  6. @John666M But my forum is in Spanish, because I'm Latin and then you will not understand anything
  7. That method did not work mate and when I did with the first method I came out this error:
  8. Give me another solution, Because the method that you say now i did it before, but then loading the page of my forum appeared an error, for that I leave it as it was before and my forum page I reloaded.
  9. Wow works mate thanks for that, but...I still don't understand how to appear the reputation system than i've hidden
  10. With first it: No, you're wrong friend, I've just hidden Reputation System With a button than said: Do you want to hide this of the main configuration? More not I've it deleted. It than I Deleted is everything that included the reputation system that I had downloaded anything more.
  11. Hello mates, I them wanted to ask for help with the following: Problem with Reputation System: Well turns out I installed a reputation system in my forum where you can give +rep and -rep (It's the same system of reputation that has this reputation forum) Well I wanted to uninstall this reputation system for personal reasons, I want that this the button that was before I installed the reputation system in which at the button said: ''Like this''. But the problem is that I uninstalled the reputation system for that appears the button ''Like this'' again, but when i uninstalled it, the system was still the same, not appeared the button ''Like this''. and so I want someone to tell me how to make for that button appears again. Here some pictures: as I have it: as I want it: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Questions: 1: It's about on the user's reputation in userinfo. What happens is that I like the reputation in userinfo of the official forum of ipb, which is this: as I have it: as I want it: 2: How I can show a hidden hook of system settings? What happens is that I went to: CPAdmin/System/SystemSettings/Members/ReputationSytem and the problem is that after I put in edit and had an option that said: Do you want to hide this of the main configuration? and I check itself, then I save it and now disappeared. and I don't know as aparecerlo again. Hope someone help me with all this. thanks in advance
  12. Oh yea sure, I forgot that Well, my solution was this, in Look&Feel/YourSkin/EditTemplate&CSS/UserInfoPane: To change this: img itemprop="image" src='{$author['pp_thumb_photo']}' class='ipsUserPhoto ipsUserPhoto_large' /> For this: <img src='{$author['pp_main_photo']}' style="max-width: 100px; max-height: 100px;" class='ipsUserPhoto' />
  13. Resolved, I found another way to resize the avatar and I worked perfectly and not blurry. anyway thanks mate =)
  14. Hello friend, I have done what you say, It only thing that change is the size of the avatar, but the avatar is still viewing blurry. Look: Configuration: SystemSettings/Members/UserProfiles CSS/ipb_style.css: Some other solution to fix this?