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  1. Brienne is Coming now das some high stack pronwasnizzles rite der
  2. Not sure if only the XML needs to be updated or work needs to be done on the XBT tracker as well, I believe the XBT does not require much work since its a root application. I used to have a licensed version (still do) but after the original developer shut down his website a year and a half ago I lost my license, so its a nulled version that I need upgraded. Pay can be negotiated, and I pay preferably through PayPal. If the developer excel in this task and is interested, I am also looking for a freelancer that will take on occasional tasks in customizing my XenForo board, where y
  3. pubg, but im stuck with salty europeans
  4. Not why what version you used prior of IPS but I am using 4.2.5 and its working on my site
    I loved this, until I found one major personal flaw, videos count against your total post. I tirelessly tried to find an option to turn it off, but did not work, I also did not like the "videos" tab on profiles but managed to remove that altogether. The fact that this counts posts however made me have to scrap it, which is a shame as this is afaik the only video app for IPS.
  5. Most sites that illegally share software/products would be smart not to use SEO tools though
  6. Yes I found a whole color chart in misc.css upserphoto background was set to #fff; (white) changed it to transparent; and it sorted it out! I just know some users like to use some sort of render avatars and the white background sort of ruins the purpose. Thank you both for helping me out!
  7. In themes? I pasted it into (Search AdminCP) in the top right corner but gave zero results. In CSS I found this: #elProfileHeader .ipsUserPhoto { position: relative; z-index: 1800; I use Veilon themes. The background is set to white on both though Update adding background: transparent; made the BG transparent on profiles, but the one in posts remain white. Responsive posts.css also has ipsuserphoto, but its only for tablets and phones. Main posts.css is empty on both veilon themes, not sure where it gets the code from. Defa
  8. I obviously did or I wouldn't have asked. IPS automatically makes transparent backgrounds white
  9. I tried using an avatar on my IPS 4.1.19 . But the transparent part just turns white after I crop it, how can I set so that transparent parts in an avatar actually remains TRANSPARENT? Thank you!!
  10. Base url is correct. Everything in Files is set to f in my cpanel so it seems to be right. Nevermind, checking again in something isn't working solved the issue. Thank you so much
  11. I had gotten IPS Community Suite 4.1.19 here yesterday, installed it on a subdomain to set it up (z.domain.com) then moved it now to its forum destination at f.domain.com. Now images and fontawesome icon all show up as squares [ ]. Avatars load normally, but not fonts, fontawesome According to pingdom the IPS suite is still trying to load fonts and icons through the old subdomain and not the new one?
  12. I have recently spent all my surplus money on coding help in translating and upgrading an old Japanese script for my main website. This has drained me little resources left for a forum.. And after long tedious talks with mods of the main website, a forum is a good come-back addition. I have long used the IPS boards/Suite here on WebFlake, but to be frank, I can not stand the minimalistic and ugly profiles in the new IPS upgrades.. I wanted to try XenForo, this is a limited time install as we will raise money for a licensed version as soon as possible. On to the qu