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  1. How can i edit the User menu? I want to remove some links.
  2. Is there any app or plugin where users can review a topic like the star system? But i want to show the star votings on topic overview, like this plugin https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8600-rate-and-review-topics-system/ but as the star voting.
  3. No not files, its more about Vaping Stuff!
  4. Yes ok, but how can users add products? There is no field anywhere.
  5. Hello Webflake Community, I have a question. Is it possible for members to sell their own products? I didn't find a setting on that!? Or must i install a plugin for this? Thank you in advance
  6. Sry for the late answer. Was busy with my IPS. It works now perfectly, thank you
    First thank you for this download. Can u say me how can i translate the text of this trackers?
  7. sikho


    Version 5.0


    Full Screen Photography Portfolio, Photo Story Blog & Shop for Creative Professionals Demo

  8. Hello Webflake Community, i have a little problem with my IPS. I changed the url in the conf_global.php file. And now i can no see any icons and images. i couldnt find any settings in the APC. Can somebody give some tips`?
  9. sikho

    Best games out?

    BO4 is the same shit as every COD. BF5 is fun, RDR2 is very funny and Spiderman.
  10. BF1 is after a long play very boring. But Graphic and Sound are amazing. BF5 is more skilled and with fortification you have a great option to defend some points. Sure its at some places very buggy but this problem was in everyy battlefield game.
  11. sikho

    Mac or Windows

    OFC Windows. Mac is simple and cool but iam a gamer and here you must have a windows to play most of the games. Because its not so easy to upgrade mac.
  12. Best Community i have seen in this section. I will always come back here Keep up to good work
  13. For sure PUBG. Fortnite is just a kiddie version