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  1. Personally, stick with 3.4.x for now. The interface, animations, layout etc. for 4.0 is fantastic, but it is lacking a lot of Apps and Plugins so we'll need to wait for developers to catch up. You can make a 3.4.x forum look great with a decent skin, just keep looking. In my experience 4.0 is also quite a pain to restore from a backup. An installation I am using has just had problems since. 3.4.x was a breeze to restore.
  2. Really, these are structured reviews ?? Plus, the main site is only to create a TeamSpeak server. It isn't a site you're going to visit everyday unlike a forum so it doesn't need to be unique and "out of this world".
  3. What is memory_limit currently? It needs to be atleast 128M in your php.ini to support IPB.
  4. Website Link: http://freets3.ovhDate of Creation: Domain was registered March 24, 2015, although recently there has been a lot of progress.Site Description: This is a site that can be used to create a free VOIP (TeamSpeak3) server to be used for a group of friends, communities or gaming clans.Number of Members: There are currently around ~2000 clients connected to ~2980 servers with 270 members on our support forum.Features/Functions: We have 10 Virtual Private Servers that are used to host all of the servers that are created. They are all protected with a very secure and custom Anti-DDoS security system.VIP package: Custom IP:Port, and also an increase from 100 slots to 150 slots on their server. Removes all advertising. FTP, Server Query and Web Control Panel access.Both the site and forum support multiple languages, English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and a few others.The design of the main site isn't the most appealing, although it is fully functional, the background is a screenshot from the Teamspeak client interface.Adverts help us pay for hosting, although we do host other services to help fund.Everything is hosted by us, nothing external.I co-own this site with a fellow friend of mine, I have access to all features/functions, FTP and SSH.
  5. Welcome to the Webflake forums, I hope many resources you may need will be here. :)
  6. Yes, welcome back to the forums! Many things have probably changed since your last visit.
  7. There are presets, which uses inches rather than pixels. This would be used for printing you would now the size of the image/sheet before you actually print it. Whereas px is obviously pixels and a resolution.
  8. Nightly (64-bit Firefox), the most buggiest browser ever, but still great
  9. Welcome to the forums!:)
  10. This is very odd... Do you have any other sites installed on the same server? It could a PHP issue.
  11. Double check the Group Formatting Prefix/Suffix in the ACP for the correct Member Group. It may be doubled in the HTML.