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  1. Today I will introduce you a simple and quick way to display all over our site as long as it took for the page that I entered to upload. In order to load any non-https image on a https site without having any problems with our site being secure but containing non-ssl elements I will introduce a php code that helped me a lot. The code is simple. Before the URL that we want to do https add the script address. The code is the following: <?php error_reporting(0); if(isset($_GET['adresa'])) { if(filter_var(strip_tags($_GET['adresa']), FILTER_VALIDATE_URL)) { $date_adresa = getimagesize($_GET['adresa']); header("Content-type: {$date_adresa['mime']}"); readfile($_GET['adresa']); } } ?>
  2. Howdy, My name is Catalin , I am 23 years old, I am from Romania . I am a person eager to learn new things. I accept any challenge.