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  1. Hello! Do you have Delete My Account 2.0.3 ?

  2. This guide is for anyone, who wants to customize their Member Groups. It's great if you're willing to distinguish between Staff, Members, Donators or other Member Groups.I'll add some default codes within this guide, which you can easily implement on your website.Useful Links Link to all FA iconsWe'll be using Font Awesome icons.Link to HTML Color NamesThere are many colors that may suite your needs or color tastes, that's why this is handy.You don't want to have your Members to have cyan color on a Light Skin and so forth.Step by Step ACP > Members > Groups > Edit (Pencil Icon)Admins Group Formatting Field is what we're going to be working with:I will be using the fa-fa-user icon as default for both Admins, Members and Mods.<i class="fa fa-user" style="color: red;"></i> <span style='color:#ffff'> Group Name Remains in all cases: </span>What you see above, is customized color/icon that I use on my boards for admins.fa fa-user means icon used, all FA icon codes are found in useful links."color: red;" means the user icon will be red (so it's distinguished from other Members)span style='color:#ffff' means the color of the Admin's username.Members The code remains the same, but it won't be red, but it will have the same color as the username, so in this case it will look like this:<i class="fa fa-user" style="color: ffff;"></i> <span style='color:#ffff'>Moderators The same icon, but green color.<i class="fa fa-user" style="color: green;"></i> <span style='color:#ffff'>This is all how it looks like in the end. Customization Let's say i want to create a Donator Group with a specific icon/color. I want the icon to be a green dollar bill. <i class="fa fa-usd" style="color: green;"></i> <span style='color:fffff'>This is how it looks like
  3. Version 1.0.6


    About This FileThis plugin will show secondary icons in addition to the primary.

  4. You don't need to; if a Member should have the same permissions as other groups, simply clone it and customize the color/icon. Maybe a Donator would be nice. You could think of perks such as no wait time for downloads, lift downloads limit, access to special forums, no wait time in between searches and so forth.
  5. Dude, you started this whole [email protected]#t, look at the first topic reread the crap you were saying about this community and then think about what you've just written about "respect" you ill-fated buffoon. Don't expect people to respect you if all you do is spread hatred. Why don't you just chill? At the end of the day, both forums fulfill the same purpose... Took the courtesy to upload said file.
  6. Baby's angry because nobody changed his diaper? I've heard for instance Virus nulls have backdoors...
  7. Version 1.0.4


    Category Tabs for IPS Community Suite 4 is a simple plugin that will convert all or specific forum categories into a tab system. Clicking a new tab will hide the currently shown category and then instantly load the new one. Category Tabs is fully responsive and comes shipped with five different tab styles. Features Five unique themes to choose fromBy choosing default, it adapts to all your Themes. Highly recommended.Add an "All" tab which will show all categoriesChoose which groups have access to Category Tabs. Assign specific categories to tabs.Align the tabs left, right or center.Integrated with IPS4 Localization

  8. Version 0.2.0


    App dedicated to developersGeneratesMembersForumsRepliesThreadsAll generated content can be easily deleted with a single click.

  9. otecko


    Version 1.0.0


    Tower Theme Remake of the 3.4.X versionCompatible with 4.1.XFeatures PSDs, install instructions etc.

  10. Version 1.0.0


    This little plugin removes category headers from your board's index pages.

  11. In cometchat.js there's this line function branded(){ language[1] = 'Powered By <a href="xxx">yyy</a>'; };Try to delete it.
  12. otecko


    Version 1.0.0


    Theme Demo can be seen here: Theme > Enchanted from within the Footer.

  13. Both your Themes and the Tutorials app are outdated. This can cause inaccessibility of User Profiles and other issues (the App). The outdated theme shows an error in the NavBar telling you to switch to the Default Theme. The same error is shown in the footer as well. This is because there have been theme changes between and 4.1.X. You need to either install an updated theme for 4.1.X, browse the Downloads section for Villain, Chameleon Light, Uniform and Animate or simply wait until somebody releases an updated version of a theme you're using. if you have problems uninstalling Tutorials from within the ACP, delete it manually /yourforums/applications/tutorials.
  14. Version 2.0.0


    Adds the Group Color along with the Icon everywhere a user makes posts, so if an admin posts in the forums, you'll see his name labeled with red color. Haven't tested it out on 4.0.X, but works with 4.1.X