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  1. This has been solved. The tutorial Morpheus made works great.
  2. but how can add color to it I want to make a red and bold member title
  3. I am trying to give a user colored member title. I used to be able to do this in IPB 3.x now I need to do it in Here is the command I am using update `core_members` set title='<span style="color:#FF0000;font-weight:bold">The Black Swordsman</span>'where member_id='1'; This is what I am getting when I input the query:
  4. Welcome and thanks for uploading. You've uploaded some great stuff.
  5. Hello, I have an issue with cloudflare showing their IP instead of my member's real IP. I knew how to fix this in IPB but not in XF. My version is 1.5.12 Thanks in advance.
  6. I should be more mature but I can't stop laughing. http://prntscr.com/e3d9fl

  7. Yes, @Ketchup went to my site and assisted with my issue and it's now solved. Thanks for the help
  8. Hello, in a XF 1.5.10 community I have I installed the Quark Theme that was recently uploaded by @Ketchup. I then followed this tutorial to get my avatars in posts to be big and tall: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/avatars-big-tall.49012/ which instructs me to add this to Extra CSS: .thread_view .messageList a.avatar img, .thread_view .quickReply a.avatar img, .conversation_view .messageList a.avatar img, .conversation_view .quickReply a.avatar img { width: 142px; height: auto; } And then to add this in Message_user_info <xen:avatar user="$user" siz
  9. I'm back after winning the Russian roulette 

    1. Erza


      Welcome back, champ! :) 

  10. I didn't notice my ban oh wells
  11. @Ronnie Radke and the site owner I was helping manged to solve the situation successfully. Thanks for the help. This can be closed now.