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  1. Hello, I am posting here once again looking for solutions lol. A friend of mine got a back up from her cloud hosted IPB 3.4.x a long time a go. They gave her the UPLOADS folder and the SQL file. I created a fresh IPB 3.4.9 install in one of my domains, and imported the SQL file in phpmyadmin. When I visit the site I can see all members, forum sections and topics from the old site are there, but if I try to click a topic I would get a: We could not locate the topic you are trying to view error. So then I decide to upgrade to the latest IPB and make it 4.x and everything upgraded fine but now the topics names and topics are completely gone as if they never existed and everyone has 0 posts. what am I doing wrong?
  2. Look and feel > IP.Board Mobile > Remove Skin set
  3. We are in need for an update on group collaboration Full https://invisionpower.com/files/file/7264-group-collaboration-full/ 1.3.16 is the latest. Most I find is 1.3.8
  4. This has been solved. The tutorial Morpheus made works great.
  5. Thank you very much for this helpful guide!!
  6. can you help me? 


  7. but how can add color to it I want to make a red and bold member title
  8. I am trying to give a user colored member title. I used to be able to do this in IPB 3.x now I need to do it in Here is the command I am using update `core_members` set title='<span style="color:#FF0000;font-weight:bold">The Black Swordsman</span>'where member_id='1'; This is what I am getting when I input the query:
  9. Thank you very much
  10. I am experimenting something which has me curious. I have an IPS Community with 11 Members, one is me , 10 are fakes I made. They all have the same IP as mebut what if I wante to change the IP of all members to What SQL Command or what would I have have to do to change all those IP's at once to a value I want. This is what I mean: I am a user with IP and I want to change all IP's that are to This is a project I am doing for someone. They have a lot of members and the owner has 10 alt accounts he wants all his alts that have his IP be changed to a different IP I know I could just do this manually but I wanted to know if theres a command/query to do it all at once. Thanks.
  11. Welcome and thanks for uploading. You've uploaded some great stuff.
  12. Bumped. Still available.
  13. Enjoy I know a lot love this theme.
  14. Anyone have it? It's a really good looking theme https://invisionpower.com/files/file/8421-surface-dark/
  15. This works in IPS 3.4.x unsure about 4.x Add this code in your manual SQL query update members set title='<span style="color:HEXCODE;font-weight:bold">MEMBER TITLE</span>'where member_id='ID'; Replace the values: HEXCODE = your hex color code (example: #FF0000) MEMBER TITLE = Desired Member Title ID = ID Of the user you want to have that member title. Example: update members set title='<span style="color:#FF0000;font-weight:bold">My Red Title</span>'where member_id='1';